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Published on November 29th, 2010 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


ASX, They Call It An ‘Active Sports Xrossover’ at RM139,980.00

Not very often are we confused on how to segmentize a vehicle. Well this was one of those times. Confused about its existence and its purpose we review the ASX. What we have here is a brand new product from Mitsubishi. Well some will say that it is replacement for the Airtrek, but since they have given it a new name and it is relatively smaller than the famous Airtrek, we say ‘new’. The styling of the ASX is either you love it or you can learn to live with it. It hits you first as a stylish box on wheels but with a few minutes of really looking at its design philosophy you start realizing that it is more than just a simple boxy design. With a front and rear bumper raised to give it a SUV like look, large wheels sitting a smidgen higher for that 4×4 image and a high shoulder line, the ASX imitates a SUV while learning to live like a everyday lifestyle vehicle.

It is an oddity of sorts, as it has no intentions of being a true SUV or MPV and instead wants you to look at it more like a stylish lifestyle vehicle that compliments your active daily routine.

The ASX looks very much like a Lancer sedan on the front and a Lancer sportback in the rear with a jacked up ride height. The driver and passengers get doors that open wide. Open the doors get inside the ASX and you are introduced to a cabin that can best described as a Lancer with a nicer meter cluster.

Firm seats with good support all round give the driver and front passenger a supportive seating experience. In the rear you get contoured seats that offer good seating for 3 adults with ample leg and shoulder room.

The 2-pod race like instrument display is clear and easy to digest with one glance. The Lancer multi-function steering wheel and gear paddle shifters are used. An in-car entertainment system is installed with a reverse camera and touch screen.

That fifth door in the rear opens the utility side of its personality and split-folding rear seats greatly expand its cargo carrying ability but the load sill is too high for Asian women to be comfortable with and the space is surprising smaller than in a Vitara and about the same as the Tucson.

Start up the engine and you can hardly hear it running as the insulation is very good. On a city drive this ASX is a dream to drive as its steering is weighty and with feel and with less turns you easily get into a parking space and around tight bends. Take it for a stroll along a back road and you start feeling some of the tarmac imperfections returning into the cabin.

The ASX picks up speed easily as the engine is a willing worker. There is little hesitation when the need to overtake lumbering trucks and there is secure steering feel right up to 135km/h on the open highway.

Direct competition comes from the Suzuki Vitara and the latest Tucson. Most buyers will be sold from the looks alone but when a complete evaluation is done other possibilities come to light. We call it a HRC, ‘high riding car’!

Mitsubishi ASX Specifications
Engine: 4-cylinder DOHC MIVEC Displacement: 1998cc Max power: 150bhp @ 6000rpm
Max torque: 197Nm @ 4200rpm
Gearbox: 6-speed CVT
Top speed: 190km/h
Selling Price: RM139,980.00

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