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Published on December 21st, 2010 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Showroom Shine With Rainaway Detaling

Today we have car body and window wax developed using nano technology. Rainaway is a new car detailing center in Kota Damasara that introduces Nano window, body and interior products and applications at very affordable prices. Using Nano designed wax, this formula is better at filling fine scratches and concealing swirl marks than traditional waxes. It also provides an amazing shine and leaves no wax residue behind. They believe NanoWax is the best performing high gloss wax formula on the market today. It’s an easier way to protect your car with a long lasting wax and high gloss shine without having to worry about the harmful Malaysian heat burning on vehicles paint. Also with frequent acid rain, road grime filled with tar, bird droppings and tree sap dropping, the Malaysian car owner needs a nano wax to keep these harmful elements from penetrating their expensive paint.
What does nanotechnology mean for car care? Nanotechnology allows us to create products that are easier to use (apply and remove) that provide long-lasting, superior results. Nanotechnology eliminates many of the problems associated with conventional products—including fine scratches, minor swirl marks, wax smears and white residue.

NanoWax uses nano-size particles that penetrate deeper into the surface, filling in fine scratches and swirl marks. Smaller particles create a smoother surface that reflects light more evenly—giving it a more even, deeper, glossy shine. Nanotechnology also makes the wax easier to apply and remove, without leaving behind any white residue. Rainaway is continuing to develop new products that apply the advantages of nanotechnology to other areas of your vehicle. Nanotechnology helps Rainaway provide products that deliver better shine, protection and conditioning than most car care products currently on the market. Nanotechnology delivers these benefits without extra work—in most cases even eliminating a step to make it faster and easier! Lasting longer than conventional wax, you will get a 3 month warranty with every application. So if you take their charges and divide it over 3 months, it seems very reasonable as during that 3 months you need no car washing, waxing and your car will have a showroom shine all 90 days.

Rainaway detailing center is located at 12/1, Jalan PJU 5/5, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. The center is behind Sunway Giza Mall and you will find more details at the website www.rainaway.com.my

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