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Published on January 24th, 2011 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Silent & Shorter stopping performance from Bendix

Bendix, manufactured by FMP Group, is a greatly recognized, leader in braking technology, and is widely accepted by customers in all regions. The acceptance of Bendix products throughout the market has inspired Bendix to continuously develop the products through constant introduction of new innovation technology. Bendix launched the latest innovative technology, Bendix STEALTH Advanced Technology, the new shape in stopping. STEALTH Advanced Technology that will ensure silent braking and shorter stopping through to the end of the journey. The development of Bendix STEALTH Advanced Technology serves to deliver a product that can provide to the needs of customers who want quality products with high optimum efficiency. The company has already launched this product technology in other overseas region such as Australia and Thailand; and received successful response from the market.
The development of the brake pad is based upon aircraft technology to bring the safer driving to the road. Bendix STEALTH Advanced Technology brings the safer driving to the road through its properties of silent stopping and shorter braking distances. Bendix STEALTH Advanced Technology has outstanding properties in its design that aims to maximize the efficiencies especially in regards to any noise issue, which is a general problem for ordinary brake pads in the market.

With the unique Diamond Shape, STEALTH Advanced Technology comes with no sharp corners but the appropriate angles that will assist in reducing the vibration while increasing the adhesive bonds within the brake pads and between the brake pads and rotor discs. This will result in the lowest brake noise.
The sourcing of raw materials with special properties that extends the durability with noticeably less dust.
The top selling Bendix General CT brake pads references are now cloaked in STEALTH Advanced Technology. Bendix has developed the technology to produce around 18 models of Bendix STEALTH Advanced Technology now and plan to develop more models subsequently.
Bendix answers the need of customers who want quality brake pads that can be used with most types of vehicles whether they are passenger cars and pick-up trucks. With continued innovation of technology and the new diamond shaped STEALTH Advanced Technology brake pads; fitting on Bendix allows you to Put Your Foot Down With Confidence.

Bendix STEALTH Advanced Technology products are available across the country. Consumers interested in the products can also get more information log onto www.bendix.com.my

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