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Published on March 2nd, 2011 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Cartier “Travel With Style” comes to New Delhi in March 2011.

The second Cartier ‘Travel With Style’ Concours will showcase another extraordinary
collection of India’s unique Classic Cars on Saturday 12th of March, 2011 at The New
Delhi Jaipur Polo Club.
Cartier hosted the first ever international Concours D’ Elegance in India at the Royal
Western India Turf Club Mumbai in 2008. Cartier ‘Travel with Style’ celebrates the
remarkable design and craftsmanship which went into creating these most luxurious
and distinctive of cars. A panel of hand-chosen international classic car cognoscenti
from across the globe judged the cars in different classifications.
It was a historic moment in the history of Indian motoring that gained wide spread
recognition for the beginning of the classic car movement in India – a true eye opener
to the extent of the nation’s rich heritage. Owned by Indian royalty and private
collectors, 64 of the most rare and historically significant automobiles were on display
in public for the first time ever bringing alive the eccentricities and uniqueness of the
Indian automobile industry.
During the time of the Raj, India’s opulent ruling families bought the finest cars in the
world in unbelievable quantity and the greatest coach builders and designers were
specially commissioned to produce lavish, distinctive and sometimes bizarre
specifications to satisfy the whims, taste and eccentricities of their fabulously rich clients.
On 12th of March, New Delhi shall experience the mystical opulence and elevated
elegance of the Indian Maharajas with a private view of the second ‘Travel with Style’
exhibition celebrating the automotive design and coach building of India’s belle
époque. However, this year, to keep in vein with the mystique and excitement of a
‘true’ Concours, every car has to be in running order and will make one circuit at the
event, guaranteeing a truly wondrous spectacle.
Set to rank alongside the other world-renowned Concours, such as the Cartier ‘Style
Et Luxe’, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the ‘Concorsa D’Eleganza’ at the Villa
D’Este and the ‘Pebble Beach Concours D’Elégance’ in California, the Cartier ‘Travel
with Style’ Concours has put India on the International Classic Car Circuit.

This year 56 cars have been selected to compete in seven categories at the Cartier
Concours in New Delhi, adding four new exciting classes to the previous event in
Mumbai, 2008, including, of course, ‘The Best Car of the Show Award’. The four new
categories are – the Indian Heritage Class, the Preservation Class, the Classics / Rolls-
Royce Class and the Jaguar Class. The returning categories this year are – the Classics,
the Post-War Classics and Roadsters.While the Preservation Class is an internationally
known class, the three new classes have been specially created by the Cartier Concours
Curator H.H. Rana Manvendra Singh of Barwani for this show. The bar of excellence
has never been higher for an event that has already set the very highest of standards
and fierce competition.

The Indian Heritage Class.
This unique class will distinguish the Cartier ‘Travel With Style’ Concours from any
other in the world. It has been created to highlight the Indian Automotive history by
exhibiting original examples of cars that were assembled in India after Independence –
1946 to 1959.
The Preservation Class.
A fascinating class that aims to display un-restored cars straight from the factory.
This class follows strict criteria, with all the cars requiring to have their original paint
and upholstery. A new international class, it will showcase cars in ‘as found’ condition,
or as it is known in America – ‘barn finds’ Many of the exhibited cars will have peeling
paint, torn seats and are completely original in every respect.
The Classics/Rolls-Royce.
This new class is in effect a division from the ‘Classics’ category, as it will allow
pre-1939 Rolls-Royces to shine on their own. Arguably, one of the most popular
luxury cars of its time, the Rolls-Royce out sold its contemporaries comprehensively
and will highlight some quite extraordinary cars. Many are special body vehicles
designed specifically for Indian Royalty.
The Jaguar Class.
Organised in association with Jaguar, this class will showcase the thoroughbred
pedigree of these evocative cars and their presence in India from the company’s
heydays of early sports cars to the latest luxury models.

Among the ‘jewels’ appearing in this year’s Concours is a 1930 Stutz, featuring a
unique 4- passenger Speedster body-style with a dual cowl. This is the only known
Stutz in India and was created in America during the height of coach-built luxury car
era. The Stutz was an expensive and luxurious Mark similar to Duesenberg and Rolls-

Within the Jaguar Class line-up there is a stunning 1937 SS Jaguar 2½-litre Tourer.
Not only is this the oldest Jaguar in the show but it is also the first model to carry
the Jaguar name.

While some of the cars in the Preservation Class will easily show their age via their
paint and upholstery, a 1959 Chevrolet Impala will appear to have been in a time

The highlight of the Classic/ Rolls-Royce Class is the 1911 Rolls-Royce 40/50 H.P.
One of the most famous cars in the world, this Silver Ghost, known as the ‘Throne
Car’, was ordered by the Mahbub Ali Khan, Nizam VI of Hyderabad. To celebrate
its own centenary at the Cartier Concours, Cartier is restoring the ‘Throne Car’ to
its original glory. For the first time in a hundred years this legendary car will leave

The Cartier ‘Travel With Style’ Concours D’ Elegance will be judged by an international
panel of well known figures hailing from the automotive, creative , business, media,
film, music, fashion and sporting worlds. Some are Classic car connoisseurs, owning
fabulous collections of their own.

Others are simply lovers of beauty and arbiters of taste and design. All of them have
expressed feeling thrilled and honoured to play a part in this unforgettable exhibition
which showcases the cream of India’s unique heritage of automobile history.

Confirmed judges to date include: HRH Prince Michael of Kent, Simon Kidston,
Sir Anthony Bamford, David Clark, William ‘Chip’ Connor II, Lapo Elkann, Bryan
Ferry, Geordie Greig, Sir Michael Kadoorie, Yasmine Le Bon, Olivier Martinez, John
McCaw, Gordon Murray, Marc Newson and Peter Stevens. The Concours will be compered by Alain de Cadenet, one of the most respected and accomplished racers of vintage cars. All the cars have been personally selected by Rana Manvendra Singh of Barwani, automotive historian, restorer and India’s most respected and experienced Classic car expert.

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