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Published on July 7th, 2011 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Honda Legend 1995 Makes For Used Luxury Buy

When looking for a used luxury sedan, for many, the first make that comes to mind is a Mercedes Benz E or S Class. With 18-21 year old versions selling for less than RM30K, many have not bothered looking at alternatives. We offer you the 1995 Honda Legend. Forgotten by many, this well built large luxury sedan offers leather interior, sunroof, a silky 3.2 liter engine and room for 5 adults and 3 golf bags at a hard to ignore selling price.
As hard as it is to believe, some Honda product planners back in the mid-’80s just weren’t sure the public would accept a new line of more expensive luxury automobiles wearing the Honda emblem. The line of reasoning ran thus: Buyers expect small size, high quality and a low price from Honda, so a larger, higher-quality, high-priced car simply wouldn’t fit the image. 
The 1995 Legend is fitted with a 3.2 liter, four-valve-per-cylinder V-6 engine developing 230 horsepower for smooth performance, plus a lot of comfort and luxury. Much of Honda’s success has come from its quality and performance. The Legend has often been in the top 10 of many automotive magazines’ annual best car lists, and has also fared well in many J.D. Power and Associates quality and satisfaction categories. Engine, chassis and suspension techniques from Honda’s successful Formula One experiences have been adapted to the Legend.
This 1995 Legend is a second-generation design that shares little but its name with the original. It’s exquisitely engineered, beautifully crafted, refined and reliable. Sleek and conservative, the Legend is a monument to good taste and elegance in automotive design. From the trademark grille opening in front to the large, segmented taillights, every line flows smoothly. The sedan is gracefully proportioned, looking slim and elegant, especially in dark colors, has lots of glass area for good driver and passenger sightlines.
The only surprising element of the Legend concept is found under the sloping hood. The V6 engine itself is hardly unusual, though its 24 valves are operated by a single camshaft over each bank of cylinders rather than by dual cams. What’s different is that the Honda engineers chose to mount the engine longitudinally rather than transversely, as is more common in front-wheel-drive applications. Improved weight distribution and the ability to design a stiffer structure around the engine are cited as the primary reasons for adopting this approach.
You’d be hard-pressed to find an automotive interior from the same year more thoughtfully designed or richly appointed than this one. Whether rated on control placement, seat comfort, amenities or care taken in assembly, the Legend cabin stands out as a model of refinement. Virtually every convenience known to drivers and passengers is standard here. There’s plenty of stretch-out room in front and back, and the front seats can be adjusted to accept occupants large or small. The burl walnut accent trim on the Legends is appropriately applied, though the fake wood bits in base cars may disappoint. A roomy boot complements the interior. With nearly 15 cu. ft. of well-shaped stowage space available, the Legend will accept as much luggage as the average fivesome might ever want to carry.
Under way, the Legend cabin is whisper quiet, with temperatures kept at a comfortable level by the standard automatic climate control. Once you’ve adjusted the seat and electrically operated tilt/ telescope steering wheel to suit, the time you need to spend familiarizing yourself with the Legend is over. This big Honda is easy to drive, offers no unpleasant surprises in terms of handling and does what’s asked of it with a minimum of fuss. Engines have always been a Honda strong suit, and the Legend V6 versions are jewels of precision and the automatic gearbox is a better choice for all-around driving. There’s a lot to like – and precious little to criticize – about the Legend. Even in its most expensive form, it represents good value, whether rated for ease of use or resale. By all accounts, the Legend, like other Honda’s is well above average in reliability terms, too. We located a number of units for sale in the classifieds. We looked at one – 1995, 260,000km and in immaculate condition. Asking price started at RM21,000 and fell to a very hard to say no price of RM17,000. You should look for worn leather, steering wheel and pedals. This confirms high mileage. All electrics should work and leather should be spotless, not cracked and peeling. Worn suspension can be expensive to replace. Body parts are also pricey as there are hardly any junk yard parts available.

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