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Published on October 31st, 2011 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez



A budding engineer has been announced as the next recipient of PROTON’s “Very Important PROTON” Makeover programme which is part of the company’s “Committed to be Better” initiative. 24 year-old Sashideran Radha Krishnan will have the 17 year-old Proton Wira he inherited from his father worked over by the R3 unit of PROTON’s Motorsports Department. Sashideran is the first winner and second recipient of “My PROTON Makeover” that seeks to acknowledge and reward faithful customers of PROTON who have supported the national car maker over the last 26 years.
“Sashideran’s story was so well written that it would be wrong not to reward him and his family for the love they shower on the car,” said Mr. John D. Chacko, PROTON Director of Group Marketing, Branding and Motorsports. “We were a little amused considering that Sashideran is a passionate car lover, but his father still keeps a strict eye on him about how he cares for the car!” 
The white Proton Wira that will receive the makeover was purchased by Mr. Radha Krishnan, Sashideran’s father in March 1994. Interestingly, the day the car was registered also coincided with both their birthdays. “I still remember the day she was driven up the driveway of my house, all gleaming in white. I knew straight away that she was special!” Sashideran said. In his submission for the contest, Sashideran described his Wira as more than just a car, but rather a member of his family. The car reminded him of many key nostalgic moments, from ferrying him on his first day in a new school to bringing his mother and new born baby brother home from hospital. His “darling Wira”, as he calls her, was also instrumental in being part of his first date, and was his reliable mode of transport to his first job interview and subsequently his first job.
“At one time, she sheltered me when I was away from home with no money to spare, becoming my room and bed for the night.” Sashideran explained, remembering once that he threatened never to speak to his father again if he ever heard Mr. Radha Krishnan wanting to sell off the car to get a new one. Mr. Radha Krishnan has since relinquished full use of the Wira which Sashideran maintains quite intently. Speaking on behalf of PROTON Motorsports, Head of Engineering of the R3 unit, Tengku Djan Ley explained that Sashideran’s story caught the team’s attention because they were not expecting a “love story” with a car described in such a unique and heartwarming way. “He and his family really love their Proton Wira, and the car definitely deserves the gift of a new zest of life,” he added.
“My Proton Makeover” contest will reward four more lucky Proton car owners with a complete makeover of their car, with Sashideran’s Proton Wira scheduled to be returned in November. Those with a memorable story to share about their cars are invited to send over their story by logging on and registering at www.protonvip.com to stand a chance for their car to experience a complete re-work. Entries close on 28 December 2011.

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