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Published on October 5th, 2012 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


ISIS Launch With Mega Fortris Ctrack Solutions

ISIS (Integrated Security Intelligent Solutions) is a groundbreaking product for the transport & logistics industry whereby GPS/GSM and Active RFID technologies have been combined to provide complete visibility during journey to our customers. Together with Mega Fortris, Ctrack Asia and DigiCore Technologies, South Africa; we have built a world-first product called Integrated Security Intelligent Solution (ISIS) powered by Ctrack merging GPS/GSM from Ctrack and the RFID security seal from Mega Fortris.
ISIS covers a variety of unique tracking requirements in the market. Cash in Transit (CIT), high value goods such as art, palletized cargo or other discerning assets can be tracked individually in their case or packaging, giving an additional level of security and tracking on-top of Ctrack’s current bespoke solutions. But ISIS extends further into new territory.  For example pharmaceutical needs and other temperature sensitive products like medical transportation of life-saving organs for transplant. Should temperatures drop to a certain level within the tote-box, an alarm triggers and immediate action to remedy can be taken to save the sensitive content.

Customers who adapt ISIS are able to monitor real-time performance of the fleet, each tag that has been assigned a delivery point, receive real-time alerts if there is any compromise to the tags in the control room and via sms/email to authorised phones. One of the major benefits for the users is the ability to generate Proof of Delivery in real-time. These are but some of the areas which, ISIS powered by Ctrack, will change the face of tracking and asset monitoring as we know it. At the product launching Mr. Adrian Ng, Group Managing Director Mega Fortris Group commented ‘we are very excited by ISIS and what it will deliver to customers who have been asking us to provide a solution beyond simple security seals or GPS tracking. Going forward our customers can offer their customers value added services in real time because of ISIS.

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