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Published on February 28th, 2013 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


BMW All New 7-Series Details

Refined Power, Improved Efficiency and Enhanced Driving Comfort. 
Dynamic lines and perfectly balanced proportions of the all BMW 7 Series exterior resonates a sporty and elegant presence. New all-LED headlight clusters dominates the front, while a distinctive kidney grille with nine slats on each side, redesigned bumper apron, and indicators integrated into the exterior mirror casings lend the BMW a visibly rejuvenated face which oozes sophistication and elegance. At the rear, a chrome trim strip between the taillights in the rear apron provides an additional contrast, accentuating the unmistakable appearance of the new BMW 7 Series.
Flawlessly executed design with premium materials and quality workmanship define the interior of the new BMW 7 Series. Newly designed and ergonomically optimised leather seats with electrically adjustable individual seats offer optimal support and unbeatable long-distance comfort. As for passengers, they travel in luxury too as the freestanding 9.2 inch flat screens for the rear seats provide a refreshing travel diversion with endless entertainment options. The BMW ActiveHybrid 7L is further enhanced with superior audio-visual entertainment, boasting the Bang & Olufsen High End Surround Sound System which delivers impeccable sound quality, with 16 loudspeakers and an illuminated centre loudspeaker that can be retracted into the instrument panel for top-class audio-visual entertainment.
Even More Efficient and Powerful: The All new engines with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology.
At the heart of the new BMW 7 Series is the multi-award winning six-cylinder in-line petrol engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, which teams up with the award winning BMW intelligent eight-speed automatic transmission to significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions. For the BMW 730Li, the 3-litre petrol engine delivers a maximum output of 190 kW/258 hp with torque peaking at 310Nm. Fuel economy is 8.7 litres per 100km, with CO2 emission of 202 grams per km making the BMW 730Li 11% more efficient than its predecessor.  The BMW 740Li on the other hand, delivers a maximum output of 235 kW/320 hp with torque peaking at 450Nm. Average fuel savings of 7.9 litres per 100km and CO2 emissions of 184 grams per km make the all new BMW 740Li 21% more fuel efficient than its predecessor.
As for its intelligent management system, modes such as ECO PRO and Brake Energy Regeneration are incorporated as standard features, thus blending the new BMW 7 Series exceptional dynamics with outstanding fuel economy and efficiency. Reaffirming BMW’s key qualities as leaders in innovation, the BMW 7 Series features the unique ECO PRO mode with anticipation assistant. This feature uses data from the navigation system to recognise bends, T-junctions, boundaries and roundabouts to provide drivers with tips on reducing accelerator pressure in advance.

For even further efficiency, the extended ECO PRO functionality includes the new coasting mode, which is designed to decouple the combustion engine when it is overrunning at speeds between 50 and 160 km/h (31 – 100 mph). In coasting mode, the BMW 7 Series Sedan is subject to a far lower rate of deceleration as it freewheels along the road with no engine braking effect and minimal fuel consumption. In this way the kinetic energy built up by the vehicle can be harnessed and – through forward-thinking driving aided by the proactive driving assistant – fuel savings of up to five per cent can be achieved. The coasting function is clearly visualised for the driver’s benefit in the multifunctional instrument cluster and the central Control Display, and can also be deactivated if desired.

As BMW continues to push ahead with the development of intelligent hybrid drive systems, the BMW ActiveHybrid 7L is a testament to the capabilities of an enhanced second generation full hybrid drive vehicle. Utilizing the same petrol powerplant as the BMW 740Li, the BMW ActiveHybrid 7L is further augmented by an electric motor which delivers an additional output of 40kW/55 hp, for a total combined output of 260 kW/354 hp. This allows the car to continue to deliver excellent performance with a 0-100km/h sprint benchmark of 5.7 seconds, but also demonstrate remarkable fuel efficiency under normal driving conditions with an average fuel consumption of 6.8 litres per 100km and CO2 emissions of a mere 158 grams per km. 
Further setting the BMW ActiveHybrid 7L apart from its family is the hybrid-specific Auto Start/Stop function, which is activated when the vehicle is approaching a stop. Depending on the charge in the high-performance battery or its acceleration requirement, the engine will restart immediately after a stop or once the vehicle reaches 60km/h. With ECO PRO mode activated, drivers can also experience the vehicle “gliding” with the internal combustion engine switched off at speeds up to 160km/h. The petrol engine is deactivated during this process, resulting in zero-emission while the vehicle uses the stored kinetic energy thanks to the Brake Energy Regeneration technology. The Hybrid specific Auto Start/Stop function also operates in COMFORT and SPORT modes at speeds up to 80 km/h. Drivers are able to activate these different driving modes via the Driving Experience Control button on the centre console of the vehicle.

Driven purely by its electric motor alone, the new BMW ActiveHybrid 7L can cover up to 4km on electric power alone at up to speeds of 60km/h. Working in conjunction with the cars integral Brake Energy Regeneration and Auto-Start/Stop functions, the fuel saving capabilities of the BMW ActiveHybrid 7L are truly phenomenal. These new technologies provide enhanced efficiency for both our traditional and hybrid vehicles thus once more proving that BMW, through its BMW EfficientDynamics programme continues to be the pioneer in automotive sustainability and technology.

Further enhancing the exclusivity and dynamic appeal of the BMW ActiveHybrid 7L,  the BMW M Sport package  is included as a standard, comprising of the M Aerodynamics exterior package, M Sport leather steering wheel with gearshift paddles, as well as M light alloy wheels for a sportier appearance.

BMW ConnectedDrive: The New Benchmark For Infotainment, Convenience and Safety.
Like all contemporary BMW vehicles, the new BMW 7 Series is fitted with the latest technology to keep drivers informed with an all new on board Multifunctional Instrument display. Consisting of a 10.25-inch monitor, the familiar circular instruments are retained, but drivers are able to customise the menu to display the data in visually matched colors and design, tailored to the driving mode which is currently engaged be it COMFORT, SPORT or ECO PRO. For example, when ECO PRO mode is selected, the rev counter will be replaced by a blue ECO PRO display showing bonus kilometres collected by employing a fuel efficient style of driving.

A unique combination of driver assistance systems and mobility services allows the new BMW 7 Series to once again demonstrate its innovative edge and technical eminence. The expanded BMW ConnectedDrive features are;
BMW Night Vision + Dynamic Light Spot, an innovative night vision system which controls the swivel of the high performance LED headlights, thus illuminating obstacles and vehicles without blinding other drivers.
High Beam Assist with Anti-Dazzle, in conjunction with Adaptive LED headlights ensures that drivers enjoy optimal visibility at all times without having to switch manually between high and low beam. The dazzle-free high-beam assistant regulates the main beam for optimum illumination of the route. When the system is activated, an image sensor on the inside of the front mirror monitors the lighting conditions and the traffic ahead at a distance of up to 400 metres.

The feature uses these sensor images to determine the strength of the high beam and varies it seamlessly. Meanwhile, oncoming traffic is registered at a distance of approximately 1,000 metres. A mechanism in the headlight specifically covers points in the high beam and dynamically aligns it to rule out any risk of dazzling.
Active Protection, a comprehensive safety package which allows the new BMW 7 Series to independently activate protective measures for vehicle occupants, such as tightening of seatbelts and closing of windows and the sliding roof when it detects that a collision is imminent. The system also independently engages the vehicles brakes post-crash to stop the vehicle automatically after a collision, thus mitigating or preventing follow-up collisions. In addition to that, Active Protection also allows the new BMW 7 Series to monitor the driver through his or her driving behaviour and even suggests that drivers take a break when unsafe levels of fatigue are detected.

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