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Published on September 6th, 2013 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Toyota Corolla, 40 Million Sold And Counting Fast


The world’s best-selling car, Toyota Corolla, has scaled new heights with confirmation it has achieved an unprecedented 40 million sales. Parked nose to tail around the equator, the 40 million Corolla sedans, hatches, wagons and other body styles would circle the Earth four times.To drive past all those cars, sitting on 100km/h for 24 hours a day, it would take almost 67 days to complete the journey. Since production began in 1966, one Corolla has been built and sold every 37 seconds on average. Today, the rate is even faster at one car every 27 seconds. It took four years to reach one million Corolla sales, a decade to reach five million sales and 16 years to pass 10 million. The most recent 10 million were produced and sold in just eight years. Corolla became the world’s best selling nameplate in 1997 when global cumulative sales exceeded 22.656 million units.

Today, the Corolla is produced at 15 plants worldwide and last year more than 1.161 million vehicles were sold globally – more than 3,170 every day – in more than 150 countries and regions. Toyota has calculated that at least 26 million Corollas are still operating today – a great tribute to the car’s quality. The name Corolla is Latin for “crown of flowers”. It was chosen because Toyota hoped its new car would bloom in world markets.


Toyota Corolla is an incredible global success story – the world’s best-selling car with 40 million sales. Each generation has built on the Corolla heritage, introducing advanced features that appeal to an even broader market. As a result, Corolla has been the staple diet of car buyers in every country in which Toyota vehicles are sold.

Here is an overview of each of the 11 generations of the automotive icon that is Corolla.

1967 – KE10 series: With the launch of Toyota’s small two-door sedan, Corolla soon became known as an affordable, high-quality vehicle. You might still be able to see this car running in very small towns.


1970 – KE20 series: Corolla was an immediate hit with young people. The two-door sedan featured revised styling, a longer wheelbase and greatly improved front suspension. Noted for its eye-catching lines, lively character and seemingly unbreakable engine, it became the second-best selling car in the world that year.


1975 – KE30/50 series: Corolla’s excellent fuel efficiency ensured it gained popularity in the wake of the global fuel crisis. It matched its performance, quality and reliability with major body changes, including two-door, four-door hardtop, wagon and van models.

1975 Toyota KE30 Corolla

1981 – KE70 series: Toyota introduced a wedge-shaped Corolla – the last to have rear-wheel drive across the range. After just 16 years and four months, Corolla reached production of 10 million vehicles in March 1983. Plenty still running around in good condition.


1985 – AE80 series: Corolla was transformed into a modern front-wheel drive car from the fifth generation. It became the first mass-produced small car in the world to feature twin-cam multi-valve technology.


1989 – AE90 series: The spacious interior and seating comfort of the sixth-generation Corolla were mated to the sportiness of twin-cam 1.6 and, later, 1.8-litre engines.


1994 – AE100 series: Toyota launched a 13-model locally manufactured Corolla range. For the first time, Corolla had the options of ABS anti-skid brakes and driver’s SRS airbags.


1998 – AE110 series: Toyota launched a new European-style Corolla Liftback. This fully imported Liftback was the eighth-generation Corolla and the first Corolla offered with a front passenger airbag.


2001 – ZZE120 series: The new Corolla featured edgier styling, a longer wheelbase and new technology, including intelligent variable valve timing across the range and side airbags for the front seats.


2007 – ZRE150 series: The 10th generation of the world’s best-selling nameplate was introduced with a new 1.8-litre four-cylinder petrol engine developing 100kW. It was the first vehicle in its class with dual variable valve timing and it still sells well today.


2012 – ZRE180 series: The 11th generation Corolla was launched globally with a bolder, more confident design, smart packaging and a spacious interior. Among its advanced features is a new continuously variable automatic transmission, contributing to significant reductions in fuel use and emissions. In addition, engine enhancements, aerodynamic improvements, weight savings and other measures contributed to dynamic and efficiency gains across the range. It has yet to be launched in Malaysia.


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