‘Roof’ Helmets Show Their Latest Upgrades


Published on October 16th, 2014 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


‘Roof’ Helmets Show Their Latest Upgrades


The French helmet manufacturer Roof shows upgrades for many of its helmets, including jet and modular models. When it comes to the Roof lids, they are definitely a matter of straightforward love or hate. While some would not change their Roof helmets for anything else, save for say, new ones with different color schemes, others wouldn’t even care trying one out. Still, Roofs are a popular choice, and the new lid colors will make more people happy.


Roof’s jet-type family includes the Roadster, Cooper and Rover models, with the last two models introduced in 2013. Though inspired by the retro design, Roof’s helmets are obviously eyeing the future, and if you’re a Tron fan, there’s simply no better choice than the Cooper.


3 styles in one helmet

The Cooper is by far one versatile neo-retro helmet and it can be effortlessly change its styling in just seconds. An open-face lid, the Cooper comes with an easily removable clear visor and a “solar band” tinted one. They can be adjusted independently and the rider can choose to remove either visor or both of them, altogether.


Ageless modular style

Modular helmets are most likely never going to get out of fashion, and Roof is offering the classic Boxer and the new Desmo in updated color schemes. Not sure how cool does a matte pink-accented flip-up lid look, but I bet there will be people drooling when they see it. If you’re thinking about standing from the crowd, the Boxer is the perfect choice.


Released ahead of its time in 1955, it sports a snap lock chin bar retaining system which looks, ahem, different. Just like Shark’s EvoLine lids did years after its introduction, the Boxer’s chin bar rotates all the way to the back of the head and can be worn as a jet lid.

The Desmo

The Roof Desmo will receive even more color upgrades towards the end of the year, as green/ black and new red/black schemes will be delivered. And to make things better, Roof will also offer a Christmas Reverso theme in orange/black, red/black and fluorescent blue/black. Roof lids come with removable and washable liners, except the Kicker and the Rover models.

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