Kawasaki 1400GTR Transcontinental Supersport 2015 Model


Published on December 10th, 2014 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Kawasaki 1400GTR Transcontinental Supersport 2015 Model


This is the Kawasaki 1400GTR which is one of the best bikes that combines high-performance supersport grunt and long-range comfort, while retaining decent daily ride-ability as an urban bike.


The ZZR1400-inspired 1,352cc power plant produces 155hp at a surprisingly low 8,800 revs, while the peak torque of 136Nm arrives at an even neater 6,200 rpm, making the 2015 Kawasaki 1400GTR a truly fun bike even for slower uphill mountain roads.


Kawasaki added a Fuel Economy Assistance Mode which switches the ECU to a leaner mix for better range. This and the now traditional ECO Riding light indicator will allow customers to obtain a massive range from the 22-liter tank when riding hard is not on the day’s to-do list.


The house of Akashi has revised the settings of their proprietary K-ACT anti-locking linked brake system. Applying the rear brake now offer a smoother, more natural feeling when the system engages the front one. Using the brakes in slow turns now provides a more progressive feel which adds to the pleasure of riding and boost confidence, Kawasaki says.


For 2015, the 1400GTR provides three-way action for the KTRC traction control system. It involves governing ignition timing, fuel volume and (via the sub-throttle valves) intake air volume o reduce the power and torque when wheelspin is detected.

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Akashi says that the system is exceedingly smooth, despite the fact that only 1 setting is available, and that K-TRC may even kick in without the rider even noticing it.


The bike comes with a heap of useful feats, such as a new, electrically-adjustable windshield, a 3-position manual under-shield vent for better air management, huge side-cases and top case, heated grips and a tire pressure monitor system. 


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