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Pricing For All-New 7th Generation Hyundai Sonata

– Elegance Basic is priced at RM 143, 163.30
– Elegance is priced at RM 149, 845.30 
– Executive is priced at RM 158, 053.30

The all-new Sonata luxury executive sedan has been launched In Kuala Lumpur. A modern, enhanced vehicle with class-leading advanced features, the all-new Sonata has been designed using Hyundai Motor’s evolved Fluidic Sculpture philosophy. Displaying a refined, premium style, the all-new Sonata showcases Hyundai Motor’s sleek exterior and intuitive interior design ethos, projecting a harmonious and athletic appearance.


The all-new Sonata project began with the aim of developing a world-class premium sedan through innovation in fundamental areas, while maintaining the model’s proud heritage. Inspiring driver confidence was an important goal for the all-new Sonata: the new model utilizes a modified Hyundai Motor platform that has been optimized to offer a dynamic driving experience. The car’s newly designed underpinnings contribute to an improvement in suspension performance and a greater structural rigidity over the previous generation model, resulting in 41% greater torsional strength and 35% greater bending strength than the outgoing model.

The new model is 35 millimeters longer and 30 millimeters wider than the previous generation Sonata, delivering a marginal increase in exterior size but worthwhile gains in internal volume.

Advanced suspension design and active safety features ensure a rewarding and safe driving experience. Uncompromised levels of convenience features are fitted to the all-new Sonata, providing it with the type of luxury, safety and technology equipment typically associated with cars from the segment above. A variety of premium features such as an advanced multimedia systems and next-generation infotainment equipment is also fitted to the all-new Sonata.

While inheriting the sensational design of the previous Sonata, the all-new Sonata has evolved into a more refined, premium vehicle. Hyundai Motor designers emphasized its inner dignity, expressed through polished lines and forms.

Hyundai Motor’s latest interpretation of Fluidic Sculpture provides the all-new Sonata with a high-class, sleek style, a confident stance, and an appearance that is in keeping with Hyundai Motor’s pioneering family look. Ultimately, the balanced, refined styling of the all-new Sonata conveys the dynamic driving experience offered by the new model.

A single-frame premium 3D hexagonal grille is a key styling element at the front of the all-new Sonata, while refined swage lines on its flanks and futuristic features at its rear contribute to its dynamic shape. Powerful light-emitting diode (LED) daytime running lights and striking rear light clusters add to the new model’s sophisticated appearance.

The all-new Sonata benefits from improved interior ergonomics, resulting in a completely driver-focused cabin that incorporates Hyundai Motor’s core interior design principles of safety, intuitiveness and simplicity.

The all-new Sonata provides the luxury feel of a car from the segment above in a mid-size sedan package, conveying a sense of style and dynamism previously unavailable in a Hyundai Motor car in this class. In order to convey this sense of luxury the points of contact between the driver and car were closely examined and enhanced – one result being the high-grade materials such as leather and metal that are utilized throughout. Maximum seat comfort and convenience is provided through the use of high-end environmentally friendly materials and elegant trim details

Central to conveying the all-new Sonata’s premium design qualities is transmitting that experience to the driver and passengers, which Hyundai Motor has achieved through the use of high-grade materials where constant physical contact with the car’s occupants occurs. Additionally, significant attention to detail was paid to ergonomics. For example, Hyundai Motor engineers focused their attention on developing the ideal steering wheel design to ensure the best possible grip and feel for the driver. After a series of tests the dimensions and style of the wheel were altered: an overall increase in rim cross section thickness and ergonomic improvements to grip rests ensure more of the steering wheel surface is in contact with the driver. Such subtle improvements to detail enhance the driving experience of the all-new Sonata, especially at high speeds.

The all-new Sonata has also been fitted with newly configured parts, such as a redesigned steering column in order to accommodate the car’s optimal driver-focused layout. The central console has moved away from the traditional shape and style, and vital information is now displayed in a more effective and easy-to-digest manner, in the instrument cluster facing the driver. This approach significantly improves visibility for the driver, emphasizing that Hyundai Motor cares for the drivers of its vehicles.

The switches in the all-new Sonata have been grouped depending on function and are within easy reach of the driver, facilitating quicker, safer control. Switch feel was also given rigorous consideration, both in terms of operational force and touch, in order to make locating and operating functions as easy as possible while driving. The feel and grip of every component occupants come into contact with has been improved over the previous generation model.

The all-new Sonata sets a new standard for ride in a mid-size sedan. Extensive chassis testing and tuning set out to improve the ride characteristics of the all-new Sonata over its predecessor, with particular attention being paid to chassis rigidity. Improved twisting and bending strength have been achieved thanks to greater use of Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS), which is twice as rigid and 10 percent lighter than traditional steel, resulting in enhanced safety and driving performance.

As one of the key drivers of Hyundai Motor’s sales, the all-new Sonata was tested in a variety of locations worldwide, including the famed Nürburgring in Germany at Hyundai Motor’s dedicated Technical Center, and the Mojave Proving Ground in California, America, in order to maximize product competitiveness and satisfy the diverse needs of its global audience.

Reducing road noise, vibrations and enhancing driving dynamics were priorities for the all-new Sonata development team. These objectives were achieved in part through optimized suspension damping that gives occupants a soft, silent and comfortable experience. A luxurious feel is generated through exceptional ride comfort, while the thorough development of handling and steering feel allows the all-new Sonata to also offer a stable and secure ride over all road surfaces and in all driving conditions.

In order to improve ride and handling performance, there have been significant changes to the front and rear suspension, whose structure and geometry have been greatly modified to enhance responsiveness, handling and stability. The dual lower suspension arms of the rear suspension of the all-new Sonata distribute lateral forces more effectively than single arm versions, providing greater freedom to finely tune ride characteristics.

Steering feel has been further increased thanks to the development of the Motor Driven Power Steering (MDPS) that has resulted in a larger data processing unit, increased logic control cycle and motor control speed, and greater steering column rigidity. Gentle on-center feel and agile, precise and responsive steering feel are aided by the all-new Sonata’s Drive Mode Select function, which allows the driver to choose the best driving parameters to suit their requirements or the current road conditions.

In terms of braking, the all-new Sonata boasts superior stopping distances for a car of its class, combined with an assured, firm feel. Driver confidence is enhanced through the linear delivery of impressive braking performance, while greater comfort is ensured thanks to minimal intrusion of noise and vibration into the cabin.

Carefully-paired powertrain combinations allow the all-new Sonata to deliver improved drivability over the previous generation model. A key aim during the development of the all-new Sonata was to provide useable performance and drivability while delivering maximum economy under regularly-encountered driving conditions.

An impressive 51 percent of the all-new Sonata’s steel is Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS), an increase of 30 percent over the previous generation model. These AHSS components are used to both increase stiffness and more effectively protect passengers, helping the all-new Sonata to achieve top-class safety ratings according to the company’s internal tests.

The new model has been further strengthened by increasing the use of structural adhesive more than ten times when compared with the previous generation model. The addition of dual member structures in main sections of the body has added strength too, while the prevalence of hot-stamped components has increased by 9 percent over the previous model. Notably, the hot-stamped double-section structure on the B-pillar especially contributes greatly to the excellent performance of the all-new Sonata in crash performance tests.

These changes mean that the all-new Sonata’s torsional and bending stiffness has increased by 41 percent and 35 percent respectively, compared with its predecessor. Internal testing data suggest that the new model will score highly in official crash overlap and chassis strength tests. In addition, high rear impact performance is ensured through reinforced side and cross members that support the vehicle’s sub-frames and strengthen sub-frame mounting points, which also improves suspension responsiveness.

The all-new Sonata features an abundance of advanced safety features designed to protect its occupants. A suite of airbags, including driver knee airbag, are fitted to the new model, while several advanced passive and active systems work harmoniously to ensure the all-new Sonata is one of the safest vehicles on the road.

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