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Bangkok International Motor Show, Part 3 of 3

This post rounds up our coverage of the Bangkok International Motor Show. All in, there weren’t very many new models at the show to take note of, besides the previously mentioned MG. Still, it’s nice to see what these companies feel is relevant to the Thai market.


Clubman Concept BIMS

Perhaps the most extravagant of all the stands on displays was BMW’s. Like most of their events, even locally, they rolled out quite nearly their entire range of models, including a few variants. The concept car for BMW’s stand was the Clubman concept, although this was directly lifted from the Geneva Motor Show, and hardly any effort was taken to change the interior display.

2 Series Active Tourer BIMS

Also on show was the 2 Series Active Tourer, and while this model hasn’t been launched in our market yet, it sure feels like it’s been around for a long time. It’s the first front-wheel drive BMW, although why it relies on the 2 Series name instead of the 1 Series is beyond us.

2 Series Active Tourer BIMS

The mini MPV is designed to go head to head with the B-Class, and it takes on an entirely different approach than with other BMWs. Still though, BMW is quick to assure us that the driving dynamics of the 2 Series Active Tourer are not compromised. The local launch for this model should be in the coming months.

2 Series Active Tourer Engine

Powered by BMW’s existing range of TwinPowerTurbo motors, it will be interesting to see which variants BMW brings in for our market. BMW has always had a more dynamic appeal, and the idea of a dynamic MPV is hard to accept for existing BMW owners- although it may be just what BMW needs to drag in a new segment of customers.


Suzuki Celerio BIMS

At the Suzuki stand there was the standard assortment of Swifts, but most interesting was this new super-compact model- the Celerio. Possibly a replacement to the Alto, the Celerio is a Viva-sized hatchback with the kind of fit and finish that you’d expect of a Suzuki.

Suzuki Celerio BIMS

Then again, given the relative lack of success with the Alto in our market, it’s more than likely that Suzuki will not try to import or build this model locally. The larger size of the Axia at an unbeatable price renders the Celerio largely redundant.


BIMS Mazda Stand

Mazda’s stand was a bit of a disappointment, although with everyone fixated on the MX-5, it’s hard to meet that kind of benchmark. There was no MX-5 on display, but there a large number of Mazda 2s- quite possibly all the Mazda 2 variants within the range, and all coloured red.

Mazda 3 BIMS

The only other models on show were a pair of Mazda 3s, a sedan and a hatchback, which were done up with stickers and a bodykit. Quite a slick bit of kit, but no performance gains otherwise.


Triton BIMS

With Thailand being such a huge pickup truck market, it’s only fitting that the Triton take most of the attention with Mitsubishi’s stand. They don’t have very many things to shout about with development slowing, but the Triton is one model they can count on to rake in customers.

Triton BIMS

The same applies to Malaysia, where the Triton is their most popular model (especially with the launch of the Inspira). The all-new Triton is slated to be released here in the coming months, and it will be interesting to see how Mitsubishi Malaysia specifies the models for our market.

Triton BIMS

Well, that’s all for our motor show coverage. Next up are the babes of the Bangkok International Motor Show, so keep watching this space.

Goodyear 650x85(DSF)

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