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Highly-Customizable Nolan N40 Helmet

N40 Full is one of the new products Nolan is offering for 2015, a highly versatile motorcycle helmet for riders in search of an all-in-one piece of riding gear. The Nolan N40 Full has received ECE P and J homologation, and this means it meets or exceeds the technical requirements for both full-face and jet categories. However, its strongest point remains the incredible practicality and the way it meets the various demands riders might have.


Basically, the Nolan N40 Full is a ¾ helmet with an added chin bar which can be removed. This means that the face shield is really generous and offers exceptional vision, a very important asset especially in the urban environment. The lid also comes with a visor which adds good protection from the sun, and it can also be removed for less noise and drag when long, fast hauls are next.

Goodyear eagle 650x85(DSF)

The face shield itself can be also removed without the need for tools, and the special design of the Nolan N40 Full allows these elements to be used independently. This is where the versatility of the N40 Full comes from, as it can be literally modulated according to each rider’s needs. From a full-face helmet to a wind-in-your-face and bugs-in-your-teeth design and everything in between, the Nolan N40 Full owner only needs a couple of minutes. The lid comes with an integrated sun shield and can be had in sizes SSX through XXL for prices starting at US$241.


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