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The End of the Beetle?

Reports have suggested that Volkswagen will discontinue various models over the next years as one of the biggest brands in the world, certainly the largest in Europe, is looking to increase profitability, not just sales. The latest could prove the most controversial one yet, as the 3-door version of the Polo supermini and the famous Beetle coupe might get the axe. Sources estimate that by dropping the 3-door version from the next generation of the Polo, probably due out in 2018, Volkswagen could reduce costs by 200 million euros.


The Polo has been in production for around four decades, making it the third most successful car in Volkswagen history. Still, demand for the 3-door model is low because it offers less practicality and the 5-door model only costs about 500 euros more. Some companies have already made this move, like Renault, who in 2012 discontinued the 3-door Clio.

An even more controversial move could be to stop making the Beetle altogether.  Development of the next-gen model is rumoured to have been stopped. With the current version launched in 2011 aging at an alarming pace, the future of the most iconic Volkswagen ever made could be uncertain.


It’s pretty clear that Volkswagen is willing to do just about anything in order to become maintain its status as an automotive juggernaut. While killing the affordable cars that made them famous, they seem content with splurging on technology showcases like the XL1 or the Golf GTE. They are also moving into the premium segment with a new Phaeton that will most likely continue to be offered with a W12 engine.

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