Published on May 27th, 2015 | by Subhash Nair


Volkswagen Debut Brand New Font

Volkswagen has a new face. Typeface, that is. The classic “Volkswagen Utopia” font, which has been used by the company for decades nowis now being replaced by”Volkswagen Text”. The headers, which is written in VW OT is being changed to something called Volkswagen Head.


The font change comes off work done by an external agency, MetaDesign, and VW’s marketing chief Xavier Chardon says that it will be used both on their cars as well as on the brochures.


Typefaces may not mean much to average Joes, but they do matter quite a lot. This replacement for instance is described as “more contemporary, less geometric, and features dynamic contrast.” Volkswagen stated that the new font is feeds off the “distinctive vehicle design” of VW’s cars. Will we see Volkswagen Malaysia adopt this new font? Most probably, but give it some time. Sooner or later even the text on the badges and digital screens on VW cars will sport it.

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