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Porsche Releases Images of Black Edition 911 Carrera and Boxster

In May, we featured a story on the Porsche 911 Carrera and Boxster Black Edition. Admittedly, there were fewer photos available of the actual cars. In fact, there was just one official release, the rest were pictures of the last generation of Black Edition Porsches. Today though, we have an entire gallery of pictures that show case the cars from just about every angle you could ask for.


Just a reminder, these are both basically up-specced versions of their base models, so mechanically, expect the same 350 hp 3.4-litre petrol in the 911 Carrera in coupé and convertible bodystles and rear wheel or all wheel drive variants. On the Boxster, the same 265 hp 2.7 litre flat engine returns as well. Here’s a gallery of both cars.


Porsche-911-Black-Edition-3 (1) Porsche-911-Black-Edition-3 Porsche-911-Black-Edition-5 Porsche-911-Black-Edition-20 Porsche-911-Black-Edition-19 Porsche-911-Black-Edition-14 Porsche-911-Black-Edition-11 Porsche-911-Black-Edition-9 Porsche-911-Black-Edition-8 Porsche-911-Black-Edition-6 Porsche-Black-Edition-1 Porsche-911-Black-Edition-4 Porsche-911-Black-Edition-7 Porsche-911-Black-Edition-10 Porsche-911-Black-Edition-13 Porsche-911-Black-Edition-18 Porsche-911-Black-Edition-23 Porsche-Boxster-Black-Edition-2


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