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BMW releases X1 launch film, features stop-motion and millenials

The X1 is a car that has a special place in our hearts. It was the first compact crossover type vehicle that BMW produced, and it was every bit as dynamic as you would expect a BMW to be. Much like how the X5 was an exercise in shock-and-awe at launch, the X1 also redefined standards in the crossover department.

The second generation of the X1 was announced and launched just a few months ago, and while the dimensions haven’t grown all too much, plenty has changed underneath the metal. Most importantly, the architecture has changed from a longitudinal layout engine bay to a transverse layout, meaning that the new X1 begins life as a front-wheel drive car.

BMW X1 4

Most of the models will still sport BMW’s excellent xDrive system, but the X1 will no longer have that rear-biased, rear-driven feel that made the first generation so great. No doubt it would be a mighty competent car given BMW’s experience with the MINI Countryman ALL4 models (another case of unbelievably good handling), but no sick slides on a slippery highway ramp for you, my friend.

BMW X1 2

In any case, BMW is trying to portray the X1 as a more carefree, light hearted kind of car- at least as it’s shown in this launch film. Stop motion, similar in nature to Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie, is employed- and there’s plenty of shots of the car on the move for you to revel in. Yes, look at the practicality, the dynamics- it’s a BMW and it could be yours.

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