Nissan X-Trail, Highlights of this new 4×4 you did not know


Published on July 1st, 2015 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Nissan X-Trail, Highlights of this new 4×4 you did not know

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Take a new Nissan X-Trail out for a test drive and you will quickly see and feel that near excellent driving performance is delivered in nearly any situation.

This all new X-Trail adopts Nissan’s well-recognized four-wheel drive system, ALL MODE 4x4i, as previous generation models, with Hill Start Assist, Advance Hill Descent Control, and Yaw Moment Control. Advanced technologies, including world’s first Active Ride Control and Active Engine Brake, and Cornering Stability Assist are adopted in all grades to significantly improve riding comfort and drivability.

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This X-Trail provides the following drive dynamic features,

  • Adoption of Active Ride Control which improves ride comfort and handling on bumpy roads by controlling engine and brake
  • Adoption of Active Engine Brake which reduces driver’s steering load by adding a degree of engine braking while cornering or when decelerating to a standstill
  • Cornering Stability Assist adopted as standard on all grades for more secure cornering achieved by controlling each brake for four wheels depending on the driving situation based on steering and braking of a driver
  • Straight line stability improved by increased caster trail by about 30 percent with caster angle reduced
  • Adoption of sound absorption rear wheel house liner which efficiently reduce noise from tires
  • ALL MODE 4×4 system in which 4WD computer switches torque distribution between front and rear from 100:0 to approximately 50:50 depending on the driving situation
  • Hill Start Assist adopted as a standard feature, which helps prevent a vehicle from rolling back when changing the position of foot from the gas pedal to the brake pedal
  • Adoption of Advanced Hill Descent Control, which controls the vehicle speed (4 km/h – 15 km/h) only by pedal operation when a vehicle descends on slippery roads (all 4WD models)

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