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Return of the Q car: new trailer for SPECTRE arrives

Some of you James Bond fans may recall the term “Q Car”, which was used to describe a car that kept it’s secret abilities under wrap. They usually came in the form of gadgets and gizmos of sorts, and perhaps the peak of Q Car design came with Die Another Day. Those cars were perhaps a little extreme, with active camouflage and hood-mounted point defence shotguns.

And it may have left James Bond aficionados with a sour taste in their mouth. After all, this wasn’t discreet spy work- this was a very American take on a problem that needed subtlety. The overall theme of the James Bond movies had become a little too outrageous to believe, and so with Casino Royale it was decided that a restrained approach was necessary.

James Bond DB10 2

This came in all aspects of the movie. It felt more sober, more British. Less gadgets and gizmos, less outright flair, and more subtlety and restraint. The past 3 movies have been masterpieces, managing to deliver on the promise of action and adventure while staying classy throughout.

James Bond DB10 3

Cars have also taken a back seat in the films. The last James Bond film resorted to using a classic Aston Martin as the “hero car”, for an extraordinarily short period of time. This time around, we see that Bond gets the DB10 concept car, and it’s packed with a few tricks. At the very least from the trailers, one can expect some flamethrower antics during Bond’s car chase with Mr Hinx.

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