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Renault Clio GT Line & Captur Initial Impressions

TC Euro Cars hosted a media drive of their new Renault Clio GT Line and Renault Captur SUV which was aimed at demonstrating how both cars performed in both sporty and fuel-conscious driving. Renault has been on a roll in Malaysia, beginning with the refreshed Fluence, the company has been pushing for a sustainable and permanent presence in the nation.


These two models are focused on the mainstream market with the Captur representing the brand in the compact crossover segment and the Clio GT Line bringing one of Europe’s most favourite hatches to our shores. Both cars are equipped with the same powertrain – the Renault Turbo Control Efficiency 1.2-litre petrol paired to its 6-speed ‘Efficient Dual Clutch’ and they both ride on the same platform as well.


That does not mean they both drive the same, though. In fact, these two cars are pretty much worlds apart in terms of character and performance. While the Captur is very much focused on providing a comfortable, economical drive, the Clio GT Line has less weight to haul around. This gives it better acceleration and handling characteristics, which counter the high driving position and additional interior space that the Captur boasts.

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During the drive, we were put on an Eco run to see just how well these cars fared. Surprisingly, even in realistic driving conditions and with the climate control switched on, both cars managed less than 5.0-litres/100km, more accuraly 4.9l/100km. Besides being extremely efficient, driving like that would have only put out 120g of C02 per kilometre, which is great for those who are conscious about the environment.


After the Eco run was over, we really switched things around. It’s worth noting that both cars have dual-stage accelerator pedals. What this means is that it takes very little effort to push down the pedal 50% down, the other 50% requires some actual force. This discourages heavy footedness and also gives the driver feedback as to when the car will begin to behave more aggressively. With the pedal to the metal, the Captur was reasonably quick in manual mode, but the real excitement was reserved for the Clio GT Line experience. The French hatch did the turbocharged engine justice, speeding from 0 to 100km/h in just under 10 seconds.


If that doesn’t sound like much, consider the fact that it comes packed with 4 airbags (its side airbags are designed to protect both the head and thorax of the front passengers) and a pressure sensor to detect impending impacts, anti-whiplash head rests, Electronic Stability Control, Roll Movement Intervention, ABS, Emergency Brake Assist as well as Hill Start Assist as standard equipment. The Captur is similarly equipped in terms of safety, and of course both have received a 5-star Euro NCAP rating.


Both cars are head-turners for sure, and they come in really exotic colours. In fact, the Captur takes it a step further with an exotic colour two-tone colour scheme. You can get this SUV in four exterior variants, namely:

  1. Arizona Orange with a Diamond Black roof
  2. Pacific Blue with an Ivory roof
  3. Beige with a Diamond Black roof
  4. Ivory with a Diamond Black roof


There are even come with 3 colour-matched seat covers, which are removable to make cleaning them a breeze.


The Clio GT Line has fewer options, but is way more objectively good look, especially from the rear. Four colour options are available here too but the two-tone look is reduced to just a few grey accents on the wing mirrors and diffuser. These are Diamond Black, Malta Blue, Glacier White, and Flame Red.

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Starting at just RM118,000, both of these new mainstream additions to the Renault line offer something a little different from the norm. After spending a few hours with each car, the initial impression that the cars left us was that for they are both certainly well-priced given the high safety rating, unique dashboard and driver control layout, and advanced powertrain. For those who want a proper European car without turning to the Germans, the Renault Captur and Clio GT Line are definitely worth a look. Renault’s 5 Year Warranty should put any worries to rest as it comes directly from the manufacturer for the duration of the warranty period.

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