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Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 Cabriolet Unveiled

The new MY2017 AMG C63 Cabriolet combines an intensive open-air ambience with the AMG V8 engine to create an exhilarating performance experience. The Biturbo engine developed in Affalterbach by AMG is available in two output ratings, with 469 hp or 503 hp. Flared wheel arches at the front and rear, the wide track and large wheels underscore powerful exterior looks. Agile longitudinal and lateral dynamics come courtesy of the sophisticated AMG RIDE CONTROL sport suspension with adaptive damping adjustment, rear-axle limited-slip differential and dynamic engine mounts (on the AMG C63 S).


Performance-oriented AMG enthusiasts can enjoy the largest selection in the market segment with the Mercedes-AMG C-Class, available in the U.S. as Sedan, Coupe and Cabriolet by Fall 2016 with a V6 Biturbo engine and all-wheel drive with the C43, or the C63 and C63 S model with a V8 Biturbo engine in two output ratings. “The C-Class is a decisive factor in our company’s success. The new combination of intensive open-air ambience and powerful V8 engine is unique in the segment and perfectly supplements our large C-Class range,” says Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. Extensive know-how from motorsport and the passion of the AMG engineers, designers and product managers form the basis for an emotional driving experience with the new Mercedes-AMG C63 Cabriolet. It will be celebrating its world premiere on March 23, 2016 at the New York International Auto Show. The AMG C63 Cabriolet will be on sale at US dealerships by fall of 2016.


The C63 Cabriolet is exceptional in every respect, being the only vehicle in the segment to boast an 8-cylinder Biturbo engine. Mercedes-AMG thus meets the wishes of those customers who desire a combination of a highly emotional, unmistakable engine sound and torquey power delivery.


The driver also benefits from the unrivalled performance: the C63 S Cabriolet accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 4.0 seconds and on to a top speed of 174 mph (electronically limited). The C63 Cabriolet accelerates to 60 in 4.1 seconds with a top speed of 155 mph (electronically limited).


The 4.0-liter V8 Biturbo engine is already used in the C63 Sedan and Coupe. It is also installed in the AMG GT sports car with dry sump lubrication. A characteristic feature is that the two turbochargers are positioned not on the outside of the cylinder banks, but between them in the “V” – experts call this the “hot inside V.”


The main advantages of this design are the compact engine construction, optimal response and low exhaust gas emissions. Each engine is assembled by hand in the engine shop in Affalterbach according to the “One Man – One Engine” principle.


The V8 engine sound was a key development goal for all C-Class AMG models. A model-specific exhaust system with flap technology is equipped as standard on each model and is automatically controlled depending on the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT transmission mode, the power demanded by the driver and the engine speed. Optionally available is the Performance exhaust system, which allows the sound to be modulated at the press of a button.


The transmission plays a major part in the direct and sporty character of the new Mercedes-AMG C63 Cabriolet. The AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sport transmission impresses with its tailor-made dynamics and high variability. Whether automatic or initiated by the driver using the steering wheel shift paddles, upshifts and downshifts are executed quickly; this is achieved by specifically adjusting the engine and transmission parameters.

The fascinating agility and high cornering speed of the C63 Cabriolet are also thanks to the standard-fit AMG RIDE CONTROL suspension with adaptive damping adjustment. The driver can select the three suspension settings “Comfort,” “Sport” and “Sport +” via a button in the center console. Whatever the setting, each wheel is automatically and electronically controlled.

A four-link front suspension with radial, racing-style brake connections is used. Model-specific steering knuckles and a wider track allow greater lateral acceleration.


The rear axle was newly developed for the Coupe and Cabriolet. The multi-link concept ensures highly precise wheel control and increased stiffness. The AMG- specific rear axle carrier makes the wider track possible, with the contact surfaces of the wheel bearings moved outward by another inch compared with the Sedan. Other innovations include AMG-specific wheel carriers, stiffer elastokinematic tuning and higher negative camber.

As standard the C63 Cabriolet is shod with 10-spoke light-alloy wheels 9.0″ x 18″ (front) and 10.5″ x 18″ (rear) with rims painted titanium grey with a high-sheen finish and tires in size 255/40 R 18 (front) and 285/35 R 18 (rear). The C63 S Cabriolet runs on tires of sizes 255/35 R 19 (front) and 285/30 R 19 (rear) mounted on 9.0″ x 19″ (front) and 10.5″ x 19″ (rear) 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels, also painted titanium grey with a high-sheen finish.


Other tire/wheel combinations are optionally available. These include forged cross- spoke wheels painted matte black with a high-sheen rim flange and staggered- fitment tires. The front axle features 255/35 R 19 tires on 9.0″ x 19″ wheels, while the rear axle is fitted with 285/30 R 20 tires on 10.5″ x 20″ wheels (AMG C63 Cabrio only).


For improved traction and vehicle dynamics, the C63 Cabriolet is equipped with a mechanical rear-axle limited-slip differential, while the C63 S Cabriolet comes with an electronic version. Both differentials reduce the slip on the inside wheel when cornering without control interventions from the braking system allowing the driver to accelerate out of corners earlier thanks to improved traction. The car remains more stable when braking from high speeds, and the limited-slip differential also improves traction when accelerating. The model-specific, completely redesigned rear axle was specially adapted to the higher vehicle dynamics of the Cabriolet.


The greatest benefit from the electronic rear-axle limited-slip differential – which is installed as standard exclusively on the C63 S – is the even more sensitive and faster control, which pushes the thresholds higher and makes it even easier to drive at the vehicle’s limits. The 3-stage ESP® with “ESP ON,” “ESP SPORT Handling Mode” and “ESP OFF” settings work in perfect unison with the rear-axle limited-slip differential and is optimally tuned for outstanding driving dynamics.

The driver is able to influence the characteristics of the C63 with four different AMG DYNAMIC SELECT transmission modes. The driver decides on the desired driving experience, from comfortable and economical to super-sporty, using a controller to the left of the touchpad.

“Comfort” is the well-balanced transmission mode with a comfort-oriented suspension and steering set-up, as well as a fuel-efficient powertrain configuration – including smooth gearshifts and a discreet engine note. The “sailing function” for a further reduction in fuel consumption is new: when the driver releases the accelerator in a speed range between 37 and 99 mph, the clutch of the MCT transmission is disengaged and the engine is decoupled from the powertrain. The electronics reduce the engine speed to idle level and driving resistance is reduced by the compression and frictional forces of the engine in overrun mode.


The transmission modes “Sport” and “Sport +” enhance the C63 Cabriolet’s sporty intensity. The C63 S also comes with the “RACE” mode, which provides the optimum setting for challenging laps on racing circuits.

The electromechanical, speed-sensitive sports steering ensures agile handling assistance with the three steering characteristics: “Comfort,” “Sport” and “Sport +.” The power steering is not only speed-sensitive but also factors in the current lateral acceleration, the selected AMG DYNAMIC SELECT transmission mode or the setting of the AMG RIDE CONTROL adaptive damping.


The high-performance braking system of the C63 Cabriolet ensures short stopping distances and excellent control with large cross-drilled and vented brake discs measuring 14.2″ in diameter at the front and rear. The C63 S Cabriolet is fitted with compound brake discs at the front with a diameter of 15.4″ to account for increased performance. A high-performance compound braking system with ceramic discs measuring 15.8″ in diameter on the front axle is optionally available for the C63 S Cabriolet. They weigh just half of comparable conventional brake discs and as a result reduce unsprung masses. This in turn substantially improves the steering response.

The impressive proportions of the Mercedes-AMG C63 Cabriolet instantly catch the eye. The 8-cylinder engine, together with the increased track width on the front and rear axles, called for a redesigned front end and a model-specific rear assembly as well as new quarter panels. The flared wheel arches make the AMG Cabriolet 2.5″ wider at the front and 2.6″ wider at the rear compared with the standard Cabriolet, enabling the vehicle to hug the road better.

Two striking powerdomes adorn the 2.4″ longer aluminum hood, underscoring powerful looks. The typical AMG “A-wing” front spoiler serves as an air deflector for the three cooling air intakes. Additional flics ensure an optimal flow of air to the cooling modules in the wheel arches. A front splitter at the bottom of the front bumper helps to reduce front-axle lift. The low, arrow-shaped “twin blade” radiator grille with AMG lettering also visually lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity.


The side line, too, presents an entirely unique face thanks to the large wheels, which finish flush with the body, and special side skirts. The lateral inward step from door to sill lends additional emphasis to the wide base.

The multi-layered fabric soft top with glass window follows the Coupe’s roof line with the top closed, thus reinforcing the impression of a meticulously modelled sculpture. Frameless doors, fully retractable side windows and the absence of a visible B-pillar further enhance the side view. Refined detail: in typical sports car fashion, the exterior rear-view mirrors are mounted on the door rather than in the mirror triangle.


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