<..." />Aftermarket car alarms…..yes or no…….why?


Published on April 14th, 2016 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Aftermarket car alarms…..yes or no…….why?


All cars today come with alarms but most of them are relatively useless. Most people think they need a better car alarm for their cars after they have purchased a brand new car. Some drive their new ride from the showroom straight to an accessory shop. The believe that by installing a better alarm will save their asset from theft. These car owners spend a lot of money on an alarm system and sometimes up to more than 5% of the original value of their cars.

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This is one area where the accessory shop becomes useful. However you need to find a credible installer and system. Many security systems just make a lot of noise when the car is broken into however what is needed is a GPS navigator system that allows for a SMS to be sent to the owner’s phone and the cars location tracked. There are now a variety of systems that offer this but more importantly is the installer who does a proper job without affecting their electronics systems of the car and also preventing the thieves from easily locating the GPS tracker in the car. Many times it is car accessory shop technicians themselves who are involved in theft, as they know actually what to do to disarm the system.

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But, before buying a user must keep various things in mind and that is:

  1. Buy only branded products.
  2. Check the product tag before purchasing any.
  3. Always go for quality product, no matter if you have to pay a little extra and
  4. Try looking only at those products that provides you with a warranty

Make sure that the aftermarket alarm system you will be installing will not void your new car warranty.

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