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Deep Water Test: New Ranger’s Class-Leading Water Wading Tested to the Limit

Deep in the jungle at a 4×4 testing facility in Thailand’s Kanchanburi Province, a team of Ford engineers hover alongside a 1.25-million- litre water tank. The location – the site of the third test of Built Ford Tough, an online documentary series from Ford – was chosen to put the new Ford Ranger through a series of challenging scenarios that would stop other trucks in their tracks.

To successfully run through shallow water at higher speeds, a vehicle needs to combine smart design that keeps crucial components dry with rugged durability. On the Ranger, critical areas like the inner wheel arch on the right side of the vehicle – a barrier that helps protect the air intake – as well as the bumper and lower air dam have been engineered to be robust and capable of withstanding water impacts.


The Ranger’s engine bay is designed with class-leading 800 mm water-wading capability in mind. Critical engine components sit above the water line – including the air intake, alternator and key electrical modules – to keep them out of harm’s way and to improve durability against mud, dirt and sand ingress. All electrical connectors and modules are double-sealed to ensure that even those below the water line will still operate when submerged. The engine bay water capture area in the air box is also equipped with a one-way valve to discharge any water that comes in.

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The Ranger is equipped with breathers along the entire powertrain to get air to systems that need it, while preventing water from interfering with vehicle functions. The breathers on the differential, transmission and transfer case have been located specifically to allow the Ranger to wade through water 800 mm deep. Furthermore, a curved design helps prevent splashed water from getting sucked into the breathers when driving through shallower water at higher speeds.


And as the tests proved, even fully loaded, the Ranger doesn’t flinch from powering through water thanks to its powerful and proven Duratorq diesel engine. Proving the Ranger’s durability, even non-essential systems continue to work at depths beyond the capabilities of lesser trucks.

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