Stay safe and in control with virtually any tyre damage you encounter, Bridgestone DriveGuard


Published on October 3rd, 2016 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Stay safe and in control with virtually any tyre damage you encounter, Bridgestone DriveGuard


Bridgestone has just launched globally the Bridgestone DriveGuard, a new touring tyre – bringing additional benefits and safety for all consumers – designed to be fitted on to all passenger cars to remove concerns relating to tyre damage (including in sidewall and tread areas) and to deliver the highest standards of safety, wet performance, comfort and fuel efficiency; giving drivers additional peace of mind, safety and convenience.



Known for developing outstanding and breakthrough technologies, Bridgestone’s new product, DriveGuard, is a game changer due to its:

  1. Capability to be fitted on to all passenger vehicles regardless of the manufacturer or model1. Bridgestone DriveGuard is not restricted to a factory fitment on specific brands or car models and can be fitted on to most cars equipped with TPMS, which is mandatory in Europe on new cars since November 2014 and gives a potential car park of 32 million vehicles to be equipped with DriveGuard in 2016.
  2. Unique response to virtually all kinds of tyre damages (including sidewall and tread) which is unlike other tyre mobility solutions (e.g. sealant). The new age DriveGuard technology uses a proprietary high-tech cooling fin design as well as supportive and tough reinforced sidewalls which allow drivers to maintain control and continue driving safely and comfortably for 80km at up to 80km/h3 after a puncture, until it is safe to either repair or replace their tyre providing additional peace of mind related to tyre damage.
  3. “No compromise” philosophy. Bridgestone DriveGuard offers best in class performance with no compromise on wet or rolling resistance as supported by the excellent EU tyre Label4 values (A for Wet Performance and C for Rolling Resistance) and independent testing by TÜV Süd5 demonstrating that Bridgestone DriveGuard ranks highly in performance categories that are important to drivers, such as wet safety, placing DriveGuard at the frontline of road safety.


Eco-conscious nature. Bridgestone DriveGuard not only eliminates the need to carry a spare tyre thereby putting less weight on the vehicle, it is also fully recyclable through the conventional recycling circuit; this is not the case with other tyre providing mobility solutions.


With 60% of drivers experiencing punctures in the last four years, leading to feelings of helplessness and insecurity combined with lost time of up to 3 hours6, now is definitely the time to rethink tyre safety. Bridgestone DriveGuard, underlines the company’s commitment to road safety – in practically all conditions – as it can help prevent accidents resulting from punctures, sudden loss of pressure or other types of tyre damage.

Bridgestone DriveGuard is at the forefront of innovation deploying latest technology to bring mobility to the next level, it offers:


Low pressure mobility, due to:

  1. An optimised reinforced tough sidewall which supports vehicle weight upon sudden air loss, maintaining vehicle control to drive on safely for 80km at up to 80km/h
  2. Advanced polyester carcass body ply which provides high resistance to heat generation, improving tyre durability
  3. Nano Pro-Tech, a compound that reduces friction between carbon molecules, thus reducing heat generation in the sidewall and helping the tyre to hold its shape.
  4. High-tech cooling fin design in the sidewall that channels the increased heat from the sidewall towards the rim and thus helps to preserve the tyre, thereby improving safety and durability


Wet control, due to:

  1. Excellent hydroplaning: high siping with optimized distribution of void in center part of pattern o Superior cornering: connected shoulder blocks with optimized contact pressure distribution
  2. Short stopping distance: high silica content compound with nano pro-tech technology
  3. Comfort, due to:
  4. New crown structure design providing improved road irregularity absorption
  5. Optimised reinforced rubber insert gauge
  6. Lighter weight construction
  7. Size by size comfort tuning
  8. Improved stiffness providing comfort comparable with standard tyres


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