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Drive a Car For Less With ‘MyMotor SmartLease by MyEG’ Leasing Programme

Automotive portal (aka ‘MyMotor’) which specialises in offering inspected, used cars and new cars for sale has launched its leasing programme called ‘MyMotor SmartLease by MyEG’ via its website.

MyMotor offers inspected, used cars and new cars for sale as well as provides trade-ins and listing of used cars from owners and dealers. As a hassle-free online platform that brings both the buyer and sellers of vehicles together, MyMotor serves as a sales and purchasing assistant, easing the buying and selling transactions for customers. Unlike typical online classified advertising websites, MyMotor will assist the buyer and seller to complete the transaction from start to finish, and is backed by Malaysia’s leading e-Government Services provider, My E.G. Services Berhad.


With the introduction of ‘MyMotor SmartLease by MyEG’, individuals residing in Peninsular Malaysia can now drive a brand new or used car without having to commit to a lengthy hire purchase plan. This programme offers the flexibility of a short leasing period of three or five years. With a 10 per cent down payment and a fixed monthly fee, customers can now drive the car of their choice. Based on their budget, a selection of new and used cars of various models and makes will be available for lease.


During the leasing period, customers will enjoy peace of mind as their road tax, insurance and maintenance will be covered by MyEG Credit. At the end of the leasing period, customers will not need to worry about the risks of future value since they just have to return the vehicle. Alternatively, customers can opt to renew the lease and obtain a new vehicle, or purchase the existing vehicle from MyMotor and convert the leasing programme to a hire purchase programme. Current contractual terms will allow the leased vehicle to be driven within Peninsular Malaysia with a mileage not exceeding 25,000 km per year.

MyMotor will also provide all vehicles under the programme with a dedicated 24/7 hotline for breakdown and accident assistance.

For car buyers with tighter budgets who still prefer to own their own vehicles and want an economical option, MyMotor offers an assortment of inspected, used cars on their website. Buyers keen on owning a used cars will now be able to secure financing from MyEG Credit through six simple steps.

For more information, log onto For further enquiries, customers can call +603 7731 6375 from 9am-6pm, Mondays to Fridays or +6017355 6988.

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