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Shell Advance Launches New Lubricants for Scooters

Shell Advance today launched the full range of lubricants products that are formulated specifically for scooters. The new products comprise of the fully synthetic Shell Advance 4T Ultra Scooter with PurePlus Technology 5W-40, synthetic technology Shell Advance 4T AX 7 Scooter 10W-40 and Shell Advance Scooter Gear Oil.

Together with the Shell Advance 4T AX 5 Scooter 15W-40 oil that has been in the market since 2014, the new product range forms a complete portfolio of products that caters to the specific needs of the growing population of scooters.

New Shell Advance scooter oils, with PurePlus Technology and Active Cleansing Technology, can clean engines 33% better and retains oxidation stability 43% longer than conventional oils while also being to retain viscosity 42% longer than the API limit.

Scooters makeup about 11 percent of the estimated 12 million total two-wheeler population in Malaysia and are different from motorcycles not just in terms of looks. The engines, which are usually smaller, run at higher RPMs and operate at higher temperatures. They also use an automatic instead of a manual clutch.

The following are the recommended retail prices for the Shell Advance Scooter oils:

  • Shell Advance 4T Ultra Scooter with PurePlus Technology 5W-40 (1-litre) Fully Synthetic RM68.30 (West Malaysia)/ RM68.70 (East Malaysia)
  • Shell Advance 4T AX 7 Scooter 10W-40 (1-litre) Synthetic technology – RM32.50 (West Malaysia)/ RM33.00 (East Malaysia)
  • Shell Advance 4T AX5 Scooter 15W-40 (0.8-litre) – RM22.52 (West Malaysia)/ RM22.80 (East Malaysia)
  • Shell Advance Scooter Gear Oil (0.12-litre) – RM12.00 (West Malaysia)/ RM12.50 (East Malaysia)

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