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Italdesign’s Zerouno Project Looks So Tasty

“Lightweight”. This was the starting concept that designers and engineers implemented for the Italdesign Zerouno project.  Designers and engineers worked together to carry forward styling solutions and functional-feasibility checks until an ideal compromise is achieved that meets design and performance requirements alike.

Limiting the final weight of the car as far as possible in order to ensure exceptional performances by equally emphasising the carbon fibre and aluminium chassis and the powerful V10 5.2 naturally aspired engine was the objective defined right from the start of this project.

This is why the entire bodywork is in carbon fibre. The same material is also generously used inside the cockpit; the state of the art in fibre layering technology, together with the skills of craftsmen during the finishing stages, combined to achieve a light weight – despite the car measuring 4847 mm in length and 1970 mm in width by 1204 mm in height.

The setting at the front is inspired by the ultimate top-performance cars: single-seater racing cars. The characteristic feature of the nose is the six-sided polygon first seen in the GTZero concept-car in 2016 which will also be referenced again in future projects. Together with the two side air intakes, it ensures the optimum flow of intake air.

Potential lift effects caused by the intake of air through the central slot, as highlighted by simulated aerodynamic tests in the virtual reality centre, were eliminated thanks to an aerodynamic solution named Y Duct®.

The lights use Full LED technology and also perform an aerodynamic function since they are floating systems mounted inside the front and rear wings.

The rear view highlights Zerouno’s “extreme” character – and the “semi-naked” styling is particularly evident: the taut, angular outlines of the spoilers reveal the tyres and, in the middle, the two 80 cm wide laminar exhausts in titanium, which are designed to accelerate the out-flow of exhaust gases.




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