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Volvo Trucks Malaysia Launch FH Series

Volvo Trucks unveils the FH Series, its premium flagship truck, in Malaysia, offering best-in-class fuel economy, reliability and safety. Designed with the driver in mind and built to withstand the heaviest and most demanding operations, the Volvo FH is the ultimate long-haul that sets a new standard in transportation.

Built for long-haul regional distribution and with superior torque and power, the Volvo FH series is highly capable of handling deliveries of over-sized loads over long distances. Equipped with technology that creates ultimate onboard safety, a more economical driveline and high uptime, the Volvo FH series pushes the limits on what a premium truck can offer.

Superior handling

The Volvo FH offers superior handling made possible with the revolutionary Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) technology that provides perfect steering stability at high speeds and total control at low speeds. This makes the truck less sensitive to crosswinds and very stable on uneven roads.

The Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) efficiently reduces the risk of skidding and rollovers. In risky situations, this feature engages itself by instantly reducing engine power and braking the truck and trailer.

Equipped with Volvo-patented stabilisers, shock absorbers that transfer load stress to the centre of the chassis and a suspension feature which prevents vibrations from spreading through the truck, Volvo FH takes handling to unsurpassed levels in the trucking industry.

New technologies to maximise profitability

There is no doubt that fuel economy is one of the highest priorities for haulage firms today.  The Volvo FH is designed to save fuel and a number of components including the I-Shift with crawler gears make this truck one of the most fuel-efficient in the world.

Safety in a variety of ways

The all-new cab structure of the Volvo FH has undergone over a thousand simulated crashes in Sweden. This exceeds what any authority requires and Volvo Trucks does this with only one objective in mind: to create a truck that is as safe as possible for the driver, passengers and other road users.

Several key areas were in focus when designing the Volvo FH; with one of the largest cab volumes on the market, the truck provides an optimised working environment and relaxation area for the driver with a standing height of 220 centimetres.

The A-pillars, door and floor structure are all designed, together with the windscreen being bonded in place, to provide the best possible protection for the driver. The skylight, which floods the cab with natural light, also doubles as an escape hatch in the event of an accident.

The unique rear view mirror design and declining door panel all help contribute to the best visibility for a truck of this category and make the Volvo FH one of the safest trucks in the world.

Built with drivers comfort and business profitability in mind

The ergonomic design of the Volvo FH allows good drivers the opportunity to work as efficiently as possible thus increasing their employers’ profitability. The Volvo FH comes with a spacious and comfortable cabin, a sizeable bunk, rear and exterior storages that can be tailored to customers’ needs.

Another new feature in the Volvo FH is I-Park Cool, an integrated parking cooler that provides superior cooling capacity without compromising in-cab space or fuel consumption.

The highly-anticipated Volvo FH series is currently available in Malaysia.

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