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Volkswagen Vento GT Review: Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Before we get too deep into things, we have to explain what exactly the ‘Vento GT’ is.

The Vento GT is a variant of the Vento Highline. The Vento Highline is the version of the Vento with the 1.2-litre TSI engine and 7-speed DSG (as opposed to the other versions of the Vento with the naturally aspirated 1.6-litre MPI engine and conventional 6-speed automatic).

And the Vento is basically the sedan variant of the Polo. In fact, before the big product update last year the Vento was called the Polo Sedan.

So, if you’re following, the Vento GT is basically the latest version of the Polo Sedan with a TSI-DSG powertrain AND a few goodies thrown in.

The Few Goodies Thrown In.

GT badges, GT floor mat, GT side sills, GT Aero kit, aluminium pedals, black roof, black side mirrors, black body accents, and black leather seats. That’s what they throw in.

We have to say, the new aesthetic really suits the car. We’ve heard comments from friends that it looks like the Jetta from the front.

The aluminium pedals are a nice addition and the embedded faux rubber inserts add grip.

It’s still got all the Highline perks

16” Syenit rims. Nice size, great 2-tone design. Typical Volkswagen cap protectors to deter thieves.

The 5” RCD 330G’s a good infotainment unit. You get touch controls, AM/FM, Bluetooth, SD Card input, Aux-in, USB, ipad, Mirrorlink.

Climatronic with auto function and a rear air cond vent.

It’s fun. That’s for sure.

Say what you want about reliability, there’s no doubting the engine puts out a lot of torque. 175Nm in a car that weighs 1,178kg is pretty substantial. But it’s not like Volkswagen strapped a rocket to a skateboard and called it a day.

The Vento with the standard 1.6 MPI feels like it can handle so much more under the hood. In the 1.2 TSI, that feeling is proven true.

In fact, we’re pretty sure that if the 1.8 TSI could fit in that bay and the suspension could take the added weight, the Vento would still be able to sort itself out. But as it stands, the 1.2 is still plenty.

And to be honest, it feels like the performance is a nice little add-on bonus to the real advantages of the TSI+DSG combo. The Vento is untouchable with regards to fuel efficiency. We were very heavy footed throughout our week with the Vento GT and barely got through half a tank.

Pretty great to bash around.

No, we mean it – the Vento is tough as nails.

Cars below RM100,000 are often filled with cheap plastics that only look good in the showroom. The moment you take the car home for a test drive, you realise it’s all cost-cutting. I’ve bent things out of shape in cabins, slammed doors that sounded hollow, scratched off textured trim… you name it, I’ve done it. Mostly by accident mind you.

But when it comes to the Vento (and just about every Volkswagen I’ve driven), the interior build quality is difficult to argue with. Yes, the plastics in here aren’t the same as the kind you get on the Tiguan or Passat, but the construction is simple and tough. Volkswagen should really consider giving lessons in industrial design – some of their competitors could learn a thing or two. Even the parts that are necessarily made out of cheap materials don’t move or squeak. The parts that have to move only move where they need to.

Worth it for some.

Well, that might be up to you. At RM94,461, it’s certainly not cheap. But then again, this is about as tricked out as the Vento comes. You still get a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, 5 years of roadside assistance, long 15,000km service intervals and 0.28% interest rate loan (limited time promo).

If you want a small sedan that can keep up with cars much bigger than it, the Vento GT might be for you. If you insist on getting a full-spec B-segment car over a entry-level C-segment car, the Vento GT might be for you.

Yes, you may end up having to explain yourself to your aunts and uncles, but the payoff is you’ll be the only one with a turbocharged German sedan.

Volkswagen Vento GT Specifications

Engine: Inline 4 Turbo with Direct Fuel Injection
Capacity: 1197cc
Gearbox: 7-speed DSG
Max power: 103hp @ 5000rpm
Max torque: 175Nm @1550Nm


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