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A Look Back at the Most Interesting Concept Car of the 2017 Frankfurt Motorshow

If you look into a rear-view mirror, you generally only see things that are behind you. However, a look back can also generate a vision of the future. That’s certainly true of the thrilling Borgward Isabella Concept, which is celebrating its world premiere at the 2017 IAA in Frankfurt. The vehicle unites the brand’s traditional virtues with the attributes of today’s Borgward Group AG. Among the outstanding features of the Borgward Isabella Concept are its fascinating design, its revolutionary interior and operating concept, its digital connectivity, and the electrification of its drive train.

Unlike many other studies, the Borgward Isabella Concept is more than just a vision of a future vehicle concept. On the contrary, the main development goal for the reincarnation of the legendary Isabella from the 1950s was the creation of a characteristic design DNA that would serve as the future focus of the entire Borgward company.

The Borgward Isabella Concept impresses with its perfect dimensions (5.00 meters long, 1.40 meters high, and 1.92 meters wide) and the beauty of its flowing three-dimensional and sculptural shapes, which are smoothly connected to technical and functional elements such as the cooling air inlets and the aerodynamic components-without any aggressive undertone. Warming is convinced that such an undertone would be unacceptable in an all-electric coupe.

The Isabella Concept’s harmonious appearance, with its characteristic flowing transitions between the individual body sections, is enhanced by the “graphic tech fade” coloring. The graphic is based on Borgward’s diamond-shaped brand logo and is a futuristic interpretation of the two-tone paint job of the original Isabella models. The vehicle’s two tones, Zeitgeist Blue1 and Zeitgeist Blue2, fade out in the transition zones between the hood and the windshield, the windshield and the roof, and the rear window and the rear hatch with its distinctive diamond-shaped graphic. In this way, the smooth styling of the Isabella Concept is further enhanced in line with the “Impressions of Flow” principle.

As an all-electric coupe, the Isabella Concept represents the future of Borgward. The company already decided during the conceptual phase to dispense with the Octagon radiator grille, which had been a classic feature of the BX models to date. Instead, it chose to create a striking new brand-specific look with a substantially accentuated diamond-shaped Borgward logo as its key element. As a result, the homogeneous and largely closed front section radiates progressiveness and appeal. The prominently positioned diamond-shaped Borgward logo is emphasized by the two futuristic headlights, whose contours and graphic elements also cite the diamond-shaped logo. The headlights view their automotive surroundings with a piercing gaze and at the same time form a harmonious connecting element between the fenders and the sporty flat hood of the electric motor.

The design of the lower front section fulfills the aerodynamic requirements for making the flow of air through and around the vehicle as efficient as possible. In cooperation with the aerodynamics experts, the designers integrated the cooling air inlets in such a way that they enable the air to flow through the wheel housings in order to effectively cool the brakes, for example.

The automotive world is being thoroughly transformed, and it’s looking for ways to harmonize the digital universe with traditional aspects of individual mobility. This becomes especially clear in car interiors, which will change greatly in the future.

Of course the amount of room available in a low four-door sedan such as the Borgward Isabella Concept is more limited than in the full-size BXi7 SUV, mainly because the enclosed space is much smaller. Nonetheless, the designers and packaging specialists at Borgward Group AG have managed to perfectly integrate the ePROPULSION drive platform with the battery stacks, air conditioner, performance electronics, charge management system, and electric motors. As a result, the sedan provides an outstanding amount of space for four occupants, who enjoy a sense of spaciousness that is similar to that of the Borgward BXi7.

In the near-series Borgward BXi7 concept car, Borgward Group AG presented the Borgward ePROPULSION electric drive system platform in an SUV at the beginning of this year. Now the modular Borgward ePROPULSION system is celebrating its premiere in the Isabella Concept, a four-door sedan. Here the electric platform’s impressive performance is especially evident. The battery, which was jointly developed by Borgward and its strategic partner LG Electronics, makes a big impression with its high energy density. In the next development steps, the drive platform’s electric range is due to be increased to as much as 500 kilometers. The charging cycle to 80 percent capacity takes only 30 minutes at a fast-charging station. The Isabella Concept can be recharged inductively as well.

The eAWD electronic control and electric motors at both the front and the rear axle turn the Isabella Concept into an all-wheel-drive vehicle with a fully variable torque distribution system. The two permanent magnet synchronous motors with integrated converters have a combined output of 220 kW/300 hp, deliver a maximum torque of 450 Newton meters and unite, in line with the driver’s wishes, sporty performance and handling with the highest degree of efficiency. As a result, the vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, and its thunderous forward thrust does not end until 250 km/h is reached.

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