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Toyota Innova 2.0X Introduced As Range Topping Variant

UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd announces the addition of a new variant to the popular Toyota Innova range. The new variant is the Toyota Innova 2.0X which takes its place at the top of the range, giving customer a choice of four different variants to suit different requirements. With the Innova 2.0X, Toyota is upgrading the MPV to an even more premium image with a stylish design and advanced features. Generally, the equipment and features of the Innova 2.0X are comparable to those of the Innova 2.0G but there are also additional exclusive items to distinguish it as the top variant.

The new Innova 2.0X has styling which is based on the crossover concept, a departure from the traditional MPV look. With the new styling, customers can have a spacious MPV which also looks styling and advanced, suitable for personal travels with the family or for daily business use.
New styling elements have been incorporated on the Innova 2.0X to distinguish it with the other variants. Chrome trim at the front adds elegance to the bold and tough look with a chrome-finished spoiler below the front and rear bumper.

Viewed from the side, the wheel arches are integrated with overfenders which gives a crossover feel and tough image to the vehicle. Chrome black moulding along the window sills provide highlights along the sides for a further elegant touch.

At the rear, the Innova 2.0X has been given a premium appearance with a refined lower back and back door garnish which is exclusive to this variant, giving it a unique identity.

The front lighting system for the Innova 2.0X uses more advanced LEDs which give brighter illumination while using less energy than the conventional halogen bulbs used for the other Innova variants. There are also LED Daytime Running Lights to increase the visibility of the vehicle for additional driving safety. LED front foglamps are also fitted as standard to this new variant.
All Innova variants are equipped with automatic headlamp operation which switches on the headlamps whenever lighting conditions are poor. This is convenient for the driver when entering basement carparks or passing through tunnels. Additionally, the headlamps have a Follow-Me-Home function which keeps them on for 30 seconds after the engine is shut down and the door is closed. This provides illumination for walking towards the front door of the home.

As the load carried in the Innova may vary, with many or few occupants, the angle of the headlamps will change according to the load. In order for the headlamps not to shine into the eyes of oncoming drivers, there is a rotary adjuster on the dashboard for the driver to lower or raise the angle of the headlamps. For the Innova 2.0X, the adjustment is done automatically.

Other exterior features of the Innova 2.0X are similar to those found with the Innova 2.0G, including retractable door mirrors with puddle lamps. However, exclusive to the Innova 2.0X are larger alloy rims, 17-inches in diameter. The rims with a sporty design are finished in black and fitted with 215/55R17 tyres. All other Innova variants use 16-inch alloy rims with 205/65R16 tyres.

In keeping with the more premium image of the exterior, the Innova 2.0X also has a more premium interior while maintaining the ‘Sophisticated Grandness’ design concept adopted for the cabins of all variants. For the Innova 2.0X, premium black leather upholstery is used for the seats exclusively while the other variants have a dark high-quality fabric that is elegant and durable.

To get the best seating position, the driver of the Innova 2.0X can make adjustment in 8-way, with the convenience of doing so with power adjustment. For passengers in the second row, there are Captain’s Seats, just like those offered on the larger premium MPV models. These provide a ‘Business Class’ level of comfort with retractable cup holders, a seatback table and individual armrests.

Blue LED lighting with adjustable variable brightness is fitted along the ceiling, front and rear, to provide a relaxing ambience as well as high-class image.

The Innova 2.0X, like all the other variants, has a variable cabin layout to suit different requirements, whether there is a need to carry more luggage, long items or up to 7 persons. The second and third row seats can be folded easily as required to create more luggage space.

The Innova dashboard boasts a luxurious and elegant design which is outstanding in its class. Like the Innova 2.0G, the dashboard has silver and wood trim for a modern, luxurious, high quality image. The instrument panel has Optitron meters with a Full-Colour MID (Multi Information Display). The Optitron meters, with stylish blue and white illumination, can be easily read in all lighting conditions.

Information on the 4.2-inch MID between the meters keeps the driver informed of fuel consumption, range on remaining fuel in the tank and other information concerning the status of the vehicle. There is also an Eco Indicator which lights up whenever the vehicle is driven in a fuel-efficient manner, helping the driver to save fuel.

Both the Innova 2.0X and 2.0G are fitted with DVD-AVX infotainment systems. This system is equipped with an 8-inch display for easy viewing and comes with all the features to match modern lifestyle such as smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity, wifi capability, internet browser, voice recognition, HDMI output and USB ports. The display also shows the view from the reserve camera to help the driver position the vehicle more accurately.

When travelling in the Innova, all occupants enjoy not just a comfortable ride but also a quiet one as extensive efforts were made to lower Noise, Vibration and Harshness (MVH) levels for this second generation of the Toyota MPV. Besides using more insulating materials, sources of noise were also identified and reduced or eliminated.

Numerous storage spaces are provided for every occupant and there is even a cooling function on the upper glovebox of the dashboard. Dual air-conditioning systems are installed in the Innova 2.0X and 2.0G with automatic operation (manual operation for 2.0E), maintaining the desired temperature throughout cabin for the entire journey. Rear air vents bring cool air to the occupants in the second and third rows, making their journey more comfortable and pleasant.

The Innova 2.0X and 2.0G come with a Smart Entry & Push-start System which means that the key is unnecessary to lock/unlock the doors and starts or switch off the engine.

For convenience and security, all doors are automatically locked when the vehicle moves off from standstill. Should the vehicle be involved in a serious accident, the doors will automatically be unlocked to enable rescuers to assist occupants exit from the vehicle.

As with the other Innova variants, the new Innova 2.0X is powered by a 2.0-litre 1TR-FE Dual VVT-i petrol engine. The output of the engine is 139 PS at 5,600 rpm with a maximum torque of 183 Nm at 4,000 rpm. This goes to the rear wheels of the vehicle through a 6-speed automatic transmission with wide ratios for flexibility as well as reduced fuel consumption at cruising speeds. Manual selection of gears is also possible and the transmission has Super ECT logic for better shift response and optimisation of gear selection for different driving conditions.

The driver can choose between ECO and POWER modes for the type of engine performance. In ECO mode, activated at the press of a button, fuel-saving will be prioritised by managing the throttle and air-conditioning system while the POWER mode will give stronger acceleration. If not selected, the engine will operate in NORMAL mode which gives a good balance between performance and fuel economy.

For drivers who wish to stretch each litre of fuel, an ECO Indicator will light up whenever the vehicle is driven in an efficient manner. This takes into consideration various factors and assist the driver to achieve the best possible fuel economy.

The Innova suspension is equipped with double wishbone front suspension and 4-link rear suspension. Toyota engineers optimised the settings for enhanced ride comfort on all road surfaces, and reduced a hard ride from impact of shocks during medium and fast driving conditions.

All Innova variants now qualify for a 5-star ASEAN NCAP rating for adult occupant protection. This is the highest score available, reflecting the high level of protection for the occupants. The maximum score has been achieved, thanks to the now standard fitment – to all variants – of Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) with Traction Control, Hillstart Assist Control and Emergency Stop Signal.

Additionally, all variants are now equipped with ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and Brake Assist.

Passive Safety, which is among the criteria in ASEAN NCAP crash tests, is now heightened with the provision of 7 SRS airbags in all variants of the Innova range.

Should it be necessary to install a childseat on the front passenger’s seat, the SRS airbag can be deactivated manually for the safety of the child. However, it is always recommended to install a childseat in the second row and Toyota provides two ISOFIX mounting points for the easy and secure installation of compatible childseats.

Also helping the Innova to achieve the maximum ASEAN NCAP score is the tough body structure which absorbs and distributes impact forces during collisions. Side impact forces are also absorbed and distributed away from the cabin so that injuries are minimised.

Toyota also considers other road-users and certain sections of the Innova body such as the bonnet, front fender and cowl have utilised computer-designed impact-absorbing structures which can reduce the impact force to the pedestrian’s head and legs during a collision.

A new accessory available for the Innova range is the Panoramic View Monitor which gives the driver a 360-degree view around the vehicle. Four cameras around the vehicle show images of each side so the driver can more easily and confidently manoeuvre the vehicle in tight situations.

Customers wishing to upgrade their infotainment system to include route navigation can specify the DVD-AVN system at the time of purchase. For owners of the Innova 2.0E variants, there is also the option of upgrading to the DVD-AVX system.

The Digital Video Recorder (DVR), also an optional accessory, is specially designed for Toyota models and manufactured to Toyota’s high-quality standards. Mounted behind the rearview mirror, it provides audio and video recordings of each drive for memories or to use in the event of an unlikely incident. This DVR is a new version that has a sleeker design to minimize the obstruction of the front view especially for the driver.

Customers can also choose either Toyota Premium Security & Solar Film which also prevents glass break-ins or Toyota Essential Solar Film for just reducing sunlight and heat transmission only.
All accessories are fitted by trained personnel at UMW Toyota Motor’s Accessories Centre for quality assurance. They also come with a warranty to cover manufacturing defects.

As with all the latest models offered by UMW Toyota Motor, the Innova range comes with a 5-year warranty with unlimited mileage. The fully-backed factory warranty is transferable to the next owner if it is still in effect when sold off.

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