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6 Diesel Powered Cars Malaysian AP Holders Will Sell Here Soon

Please read this to make sure you get a luxury diesel car at a better price from the used car importer.

British motorists are currently being encouraged to trade their old diesel cars for low-emissions models with scrapage schemes offered by most of the biggest manufacturers. Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Renault and VW have all recently launched scrapage incentives offering discounts of anything between £1,000 (RM5,500.00) and £8,000 (RM43,800) off a new, more efficient car when you hand over an older pre Euro 5-emissions vehicle registered before the end of 2009.

This means there will be a large number of low mileage well looked after high specification diesel powered cars going for a low price in the UK very soon. This means, Malaysian AP/gray importers will have a field day buying these luxury diesels cheap and selling to un-knowning Malaysian buyers at an inflated price.

This is our predicted list of die hard diesels that will be coming to Malaysia used!

1.The BMW 335d E90 (Year 2006 onwards). Under the hood is a powerful diesel engine from BMW that can chase down the ‘M’ version, but not overtake it. The 335d is very fast, but also usable on a daily basis. Its rear-wheel-drive and will come with all the cabin luxury features that BMW had at the time.

2.VW Touareg V10 R50 (Year 2008 onwards). This was a very underated SUV and the ultimate ‘sleeper’, a luxury SUV with high performance but an unassuming exterior. It had a V10 diesel engine. This 345bhp diesel engine produced an impressive 850Nm of torque. That is tractor pulling power.

3.Jaguar XF SDV6 275 (Year 2009 onwards). A well equipped luxury car that still looks great and with a powerful diesel engine and a cabin that will not disappoint.


4.VW Golf GTD (Year 2009 onwards). This Golf is the perfect everyday car. The GTD is the diesel version of the GTI and is virtually as quick. paired with the DSG box it’s a fast, fun and very practical.

5.Audi A7 3.0 TDi Quattro (Year 2007 onwards). This is Audi’s 3.0 litre engine that give the sexy looking A7 some serious grunt while making it a perfect every day commuter.


6.Audi A4 3.0 TDi Quattro (Year 2007 onwards). This is Audi’s race-bred performance diesel and was Audi’s best seller in Europe. The wagon or the sedan comes with features and speed that will bring you almost on par with Audi’s RS range.

All the above cars have modern diesel engines which are specifically designed for low-sulphur diesels like Infiniti Euro5 Diesel, so if you do end up buying one of these car from England, do not worry, you can fill up your gray/imported used diesel vehicle at your nearest BHPetrol station and run and save on every kilometers driven while feeling the difference in driving a powerful diesel.

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