Its not just paint, it's the facelift you need! |


Published on November 29th, 2017 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Its not just paint, it’s the facelift you need!

When’s the last time you gave your car a second look? Or ran your fingers along the fender? Hmmmm…..probably this reminded you of that lost love in your heart. Well…..It’s time you fell back in love with your car again. Maybe it is time to transform your dull and lifeless looking vehicle with a new coat of paint.

Whether or not to repaint your car, as well as how much to spend, depends on your goals. It is almost always better to have paint on your car than not. Besides being an aesthetic consideration, paint is an important as a rust inhibitor that will extend life of your car…if you want to keep it after the finance payments have ended.

People have many different reasons for getting their cars repainted. Here are the most common ones, from utilitarian to aesthetic:

  • The paint has deteriorated or come off and bare metal is exposed. The goal is to protect the body from rust and and/or improve its appearance.
  • The paint has faded or is scratched and the car no longer looks new. The goal is to restore the car to the appearance it had when it was first purchased.
  • The vehicle owner desires to change the color of the car. The goal is to make the car look like it has always been the new color.
  • The car is a restoration project or a custom vehicle. The goal is to apply a show quality finish, apply multiple colors or effects, add graphics, and other custom touches.
  • The cost of a repaint job varies widely based on your intent. Simple protection is a less intensive (and less expensive) job than painting a car to show quality, which is a helpful consideration when deciding whether to paint your car.

So How Much Does Painting A Car Cost?

Painting an average size car like a Honda City or Toyota Vios ranges between RM1,600 for a same colour ‘exterior only job’ to upwards of RM3,000 for a complete colour change. Most full paint jobs end up being around RM4,000 for cars up to the size of a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry.

Now it is time for your to decide if you car needs a facelift or just a wash!

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