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4 Reasons Why Existing Myvi Owners Should Upgrade to the New Car

If you’re someone who owns any of the previous Perodua Myvis, you’re probably looking at the new one and asking yourself the question: “Do I really need the new model?”

As a Myvi owner, you’re probably very satisfied with the car you have on hand. It has probably served you year in and year out with little to no problems. So why upgrade? Well, let’s help you answer this question.

If you’ve already determined that a new Myvi is within your budget, then there are only about 4 factors to consider. We’ve sorted them in order of importance:

1) Safety

The Myvi has been certified 5-stars by ASEAN NCAP thanks to its new chassis. But let’s also explore what Perodua have added to the car in terms of safety equipment.

The new Myvi is a huge leap in terms of safety. The 1st generation Myvi came with just one airbag on the base model. This was later upgraded to 2 airbags that take care of the front occupants. The new Myvi with 4-6 airbags. A huge leap in safety, especially for those who regularly transport rear passengers.

You also get Hill Start Assist, which prevents the car from rolling backwards when you first let go of the brakes on a hill.

The new Myvis are also equipped with Emergency Stop Signal. Slam hard on the brakes and the hazard lights will blink to get the attention of the driver behind you.

More importantly, every variant of the Myvi now comes with Electronic Stability Control. This technology has prevented countless accidents all over the world by helping drivers regain control of their cars when there’s a loss of traction.

The top spec Myvi even has Advanced Safety Assist – a system that uses dual cameras to determine and warn the driver if there’s a car or large object ahead. Here’s a video on how that works:

2) Performance

If you’re driving the first ever Myvi, you could be running something with a 1-litre, 3-cylinder EJ-VE engine with less than 60hp and 88Nm of torque.  Later variants of the Myvi got the 1.3-litre (K3-VE) and 1.5-litre (3SZ-VE) engines, each equipped with Dynamic Variable Valve Timing technology from Daihatsu.

Despite still being equipped with either a 1.3 or 1.5-litre engine, the new Myvi’ powerplants are a lot more modern. The 1.3-litre (1NR-VE) and 1.5-litre (3SZ-VE) now feature Dual VVT-i technology, meaning both the intake and exhaust valve timing is variable. They’re also equipped with iridium spark plugs, larger water jackets and Teflon coated pistons, so they’re a lot more sophisticated all-around without being expensive to work on.

The improvements can have to be experienced first hand as power delivery and vibration characteristics are significantly improved.  The difference that you can see on paper is fuel consumption. Even with a 1.5-litre 4-speed auto, the new Myvi returns 20.1km/litre – about 25-30% more fuel efficient that its direct predecessor!

3) Convenience

We have to start with that boot. The previous Myvi came with a 208-litre boot. The new one expands it to 277-litres.

In addition, the flexible seating makes for a lot more versatility.

Being a fully in-house design, Perodua was able to integrate a few new convenience features.

Every variant has electrically folding wing mirrors, Auto-off LED headlights with follow-me-home function, speed-sensing front wipers, a visor-integrated ticket holder, shopping hooks, Smart Entry, Push Start Button, adjustable steering column, adjustable driver seat height, anti-snatch hook, and reverse sensors!

On some models, the front seats have a USB port and sleeve, so rear passengers can charge and stow their mobile phones safely. You may also get steering-mounted audio and phone controls, front corner sensors and a built-in SmartTag reader.

4) Looks

While the first and second iteration of the Myvi were both good looking vehicles, they don’t really stand out, especially next to the imported hatchbacks that sometimes cost twice as much.

The new Myvi, on the other hand, is a world-class design. It’s tastefully executed, sporty without being too aggressive and has a lot of premium touches done to the interior. This includes modern, stylish looking dials, climate control and infotainment.

The LED headlights were a surprise addition to the Myvi. These are normally kept as optional extras, but Perodua has generously made them standard across the range.

If that’s not enough, you can get GearUp! accessories that are covered by warranty.  

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