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Honda’s First 4-Wheeled Vehicles Were Actually Pick Ups

We all know and love Honda for their amazing sporty passenger cars. But did you know that when their first 4-wheeled vehicle was actually a pick-up truck?

It’s called the T360. They released it in 1963, right before their S500 sports car.

They actually share engine components! In fact, Honda marketed the T360 as a ‘sports truck’.

The 354cc DOHC in-line four engine only had to push around 550kg with its 30PS. Most trucks in that era were only putting out around 20PS.

The quad carburetted, water-cooled engine was high-revving, producing peak power at 8500rpm! It was mounted low and centrally, but of course, this is still a truck we’re talking about.

In 1966, Honda released the P800. This shared some chassis components with other Honda commercial vehicles, and was 760kg.

But the larger 791cc DOHC engine produced more than enough power to keep performance up. 58PS was produced at 8000rpm with this motor.

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