Cancel the gym membership & start cleaning your car yourself


Published on May 5th, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Cancel the gym membership & start cleaning your car yourself

We have seen it all in the car care business. The home service, the prestige service and also the labour intensive cleaning using a toothbrush to get into that hard to reach places. But what does all these have in common? Your car leaves the cleaning outlet looking like a ‘million bucks’ and then as you continue your journey along the city streets all the dirt and grime that sits in our city starts taking away that one glorious minute where you stood back and admired your ride like a hot Victoria Secret model on a cover shoot in Paris!

This is just one of the many issues related to car care. There are dozens of products out in the market that can do almost the same job but there are some that just push the goalposts to the next level. This ‘next level’ is where many discerning car owners are looking to achieve with their trusted rides. From owners of new Bezza’s to the high end Porsche’s, there are owners who want that ride to keep looking good even after that heavy downpour or that drive past the curb side construction site where the tarmac in front was filled with mud and sludge. The answer is simple. You need to get the best product and the even more important the best application of that product on your vehicles exterior.

Now all this may sound wonderful and appealing but the reality for many of us is the cost to get this level of product and service. Now we do not want to neglect our prized possession, which is costing us an arm and a leg, to maintain and own every month and driving around in a filthy car is not the most appealing situation to be in so what is the next possible alternative? Well why not we valet our car ourselves? This is not such an impossible task as many car owners before took car care in their own hands as a form of self-gratification and only in the past decade has car valet servicing outlets become popular as many car owners have difficulty in maintaining their car by themselves due to an increase of high rise (apartment) living which has gained popularity by many small families and single people which makes car cleaning and washing a slight difficult task.

It does not have to be so difficult if you view the process in a different context. Look at your car care as a form of physical exercise which means you can keep yourself fit and your car looking good at the same time and save money in 2 areas simultaneously. Cancel the gym membership and stop going to the car care centre immediately and do it yourself and do it often and do it thoroughly your car and your pocket will appreciate it. You will end up being healthier (no need for gym membership) and with more money saved (no need to visit the car wash).

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