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Mazda Launches Updated CX-3 in Japan

Mazda Motor Corporation has begun accepting pre-orders for the updated Mazda CX-3 at dealerships throughout Japan. An ideal crossover SUV for singles or young couples, the CX-3 has received a major update and a special edition named Exclusive Mods that features deep red Nappa leather upholstery has been added to the lineup.

Working to a theme of “Exquisite & Edgy,” the team made improvements in design, engines, handling and safety. As a result, the new model offers superior environmental and safety performance and driving performance that engenders a sense of unity for all on board in common driving situations

The redesigned model adopts parts of Mazda’s next-generation SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture to retain the CX-3’s excellent handling as a compact car while offering comfortable driving around town and on longer drives. Aiming to make the CX-3 even more fun to drive while providing a quieter and more comfortable ride, the team revised the suspension tuning, adopted newly developed tires and chose higher-damping urethane for the front seats.

For both engine options, efforts focused on realizing high levels of both driving pleasure and environmental performance. A new 1.8-liter SKYACTIV-D diesel engine improves efficiency and emissions performance in common driving situations. It also enhances Mazda’s responsive driving feel with strong torque at high RPMs for powerful and smooth acceleration. The SKYACTIV-G 2.0-liter gasoline engine adopts the same innovations as in the updated Mazda CX-5, including edge-cut piston heads and high-dispersion injectors. These new technologies improve torque throughout the entire rev range and contribute to better real-world fuel efficiency.

Design improvements, including changes to the front grille, LED rear combination lamps and aluminium wheels, are aimed at creating the feeling of a higher-class vehicle. Inside, the centre console has been redesigned and the addition of an electric parking brake, centre armrest and multi-box enhance comfort and reduce fatigue.

In terms of safety, the refreshed CX-3 is the first model to adopt an updated version of Advanced Smart City Brake Support (Advanced SCBS) with enhanced ability to detect pedestrians at night. This and other safety features, such as Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC) with Stop & Go, a 360° View Monitor, and an auto-dimming rearview mirror help the driver recognize potential dangers both day and night.

The Exclusive Mods special edition features deep red Nappa leather upholstery for a look of quality and maturity. In combination with the white interior trim, it creates an edgy, urban atmosphere.

Updates to the Mazda CX-3

 1. Advances in handling

  • – Aiming for reassuring, intuitive and responsive handling, the team incorporated some of the technologies of Mazda’s next-generation SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture, which is firmly grounded in the company’s human-centered design philosophy and draws out people’s inherent capabilities. Improvements were made to the front dampers, front stabilizers and coil springs, and the G-Vectoring Control and electric power steering systems were carefully tuned to achieve even smoother changes in vehicle posture.
  • – Newly developed 18-inch tires with a softer vertical spring and optimized rubber and tread combine with the more responsive suspension to smoothly absorb any impact from the road surface. Ride comfort is enhanced by greatly reducing the impact and resulting oscillations of passing over a joint in the road.
  • – A quieter cabin has been achieved by increasing the thickness of front- and rear door outer panels, making the rear-door window glass as thick as that of the front-door (4 mm), improving the door seals and the sound-absorbing properties of the headliner. The new tires also reduce unpleasant road noise by suppressing vibrations from the road surface.
  • – Cushions in the front seats use the same high-damping urethane as those in the Mazda CX-8, a high-end SUV. Its superior damping and vibration-reducing properties ensure comfortable seating and improve ride quality.

2. Advances in the engine lineup

  • – Aiming to provide true value to customers, efforts focused on achieving even higher levels of driving pleasure and environmental performance in situations drivers face on a daily basis. Advances in both the gasoline and diesel engines aimed at achieving better speed control and a response that better matches the driver’s operation of the accelerator pedal.
  • – The previous 1.5-liter diesel engine has been replaced by a newly developed SKYACTIV-D 1.8-liter diesel engine to improve real-world fuel economy and emissions performance. With ultra-high-response multi-hole injectors and a variable-geometry turbocharger, it produces strong torque at higher RPMs for smooth and powerful acceleration.
  • – Aiming to improve real-world economy, achieve an even faster response and reduce noxious gases in exhaust emissions, the SKYACTIV-G 2.0 has been updated with the same new technologies as that in the recently updated CX-5. These include low-friction pistons with edge-cut heads, new high-dispersion injectors and other enhancements that improve torque throughout the entire rpm range, contribute to better real-world fuel economy and allow intuitive speed control in common driving situations.

 3. Design enhancements

  • – The radical yet refined beauty of the CX-3 has been further enhanced under the theme of “Exquisite & Edgy.”
  • – For the exterior, enhancements were made to the grille, the LED combination lamps and the aluminum wheels. Fog lamp bezels and pillar garnishes in gloss black and chrome side garnish moldings give the impression of a higher class vehicle.
  • – Changes in the cabin focused not only on improving the interior design, but on enhancing overall ease-of-use based on the human-centered philosophy. The adoption of an electric parking brake allowed a complete redesign of the center console, including the addition of an armrest and flexible storage box. A center armrest with inbuilt cup holders was added to the rear seat for comfort and convenience.
  • – Materials and colors for the instrument panel, seat upholstery and door trim were chosen to create a mature cabin atmosphere uncommon in vehicles of this size.

4. Advances in safety

  • – The refreshed CX-3 is the first model to adopt an updated version of Advanced Smart City Brake Support (Advanced SCBS) with enhanced ability to detect pedestrians in the dark. With the same lineup of advanced safety technologies as Mazda’s high-end models, the CX-3 supports safe driving both day and night.
  • – With Stop & Go functionality, Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC) can now bring the vehicle to a complete stop, allowing the driver to relax and enjoy the drive.
  • – A 360° View Monitor is available as a factory installed option for all model grades, offering peace of mind even for less confident drivers.
  • – An auto-dimming rearview mirror is standard equipment on all model grades.

Overview of the Exclusive Mods special edition

Combining a premium feel with urban chic, the Exclusive Mods special edition is the new flagship of the CX-3 lineup. Specially selected materials and colours create an edgy and modern look.

Base model

  • 20S L Package and XD L Package with SKYACTIV-Drive six-speed automatic transmission

Special features

  • – Exclusive interior coordination, including deep red Nappa leather upholstery and white dash trim
  • – 18-inch aluminium wheels with dark gloss paint
  • – Windscreen and front-door window glass that cuts ultra-violet and infra-red rays

Body colours

  • A choice of six body colours, excluding Titanium Flash Mica and Eternal Blue Mica

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