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How Ford Everest Makes Any Adventure Possible

Traffic congestion. Pollution. Noise and overcrowding. City life can be tough, with one study finding that people in cities have a 20 percent higher risk of anxiety orders and 40 percent higher risk of mood disorders compared to people living in rural areas.

To deal with the stress, people often seek solace in their smartphones and social media, but it’s only making the problem worse by encouraging us to be less connected to each other and the world around us.

More city dwellers are discovering the mental health benefits of spending more time in nature. When you feel the stress of urban life weighing down on you, gather the family, disconnect from your phone and head into the mountains to get away and enjoy the scientifically proven health benefits being in nature provides, including lower blood pressure, improved vitality and mood, and restored attention capacity and mental fatigue.

Whether you are heading to the expansive subtropical rainforests of Australia, remote mountains in Northern Thailand or the picturesque waterfalls of Laos, you’ll need the right vehicle to get there. Consider the Ford Everest, a genuine SUV that gives you the freedom and capability to leave the stress of the city behind and go anywhere.

As you begin your journey, you can relax and shut out the world around you with Everest’s active noise cancellation technology and sound-absorbing materials. Say goodbye to the pressures of the city in the rearview mirror as you connect with your loved ones in the calm, quiet of the cabin instead of disappearing into your phone screen.

With the city hours behind you and the roads getting rougher, you can use the Everest’s Terrain Management System to adjust its off-road settings. The system’s four settings – Normal, Snow/Gravel/Grass, Sand and Rock – give the vehicle the capability to conquer even the most inhospitable of terrains.

Besides the fresh air and stress-relieving benefits the mountains offer, being in nature also offers you the chance to challenge and set new limits for yourself, whether you’re hiking, climbing, canoeing or river rafting. With trunk space that can hold up to 2,010 liters of cargo, the Everest has more than enough space for all of your weekend equipment needs. Doing these activities with your family or friends is even better, as overcoming challenges together will help you bond and strengthen your relationships.

If you’re looking for something at a little slower pace, then take advantage of the Everest’s 800mm water wading capability and 225mm of ground clearance for a waterside fishing session while you sit on the tailgate with your bare feet dangling in the water.

After a weekend away from the city and your digital life, you’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle any challenge the next week may have in store for you. And while you may not be ready to get back to the rush of the city, you can relax and take solace that with your Everest, your next adventure is only a weekend away.

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