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Published on June 23rd, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Toyota Hybrid Owners…Please Don’t Get Conned By Used Car Dealers

Yes, we have the replacement hybrid battery prices for the most common Toyota and Lexus hybrids on sale in Malaysia. It is not as expensive as you thought it was and it comes with an 8-year warranty which gives owners a peace of mind. Here are the prices which have been confirmed by UMW Toyota Malaysia and its sibling Lexus Malaysia.

  1. Toyota Prius battery replacement price is just RM6,680.00
  2. Lexus CT200 battery replacement price is just also RM6,680.00 (since its shares its technology with the Prius.
  3. Toyota Priuc C…the coampct Prius, battery replacement price is just RM6,010.00.
  4. Toyota Camry Hybrid battery replacement price is just RM8,700.00.

All the above battery replacements come with an 8-year manufacturers warranty and for now only the Toyota Prius owners might need a battery replacement and the rest should still be in their warranty period.

The Lexus CT200 hybrid sells with used car dealers for between RM62,000 to RM75,000 for a 2013 model and owners have mentioned a low RM55,000 offer price by dealers citing ‘high’ battery replacement costs to push sellers to let go their hybrids at a low price.

A 2013 Toyota Prius 1.8L gets only about RM38,000 from used car dealers and the compact 2013 Prius C 1.5L an even more disappointing price of just RM24,000. The 2015 Camry hybrid is just 3-year old and there is still 4-5 years left on its battery warranty so used car dealers offer about RM103,000 which is about RM10k less than their final selling price. Now that you have this information make sure you are getting a fair price for your used Toyota hybrid.

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17 Responses to Toyota Hybrid Owners…Please Don’t Get Conned By Used Car Dealers

  1. Param says:

    Hye I’m Toyota hybrid user since last year can u pls consider about the front bumber condition .it’s almost all the cars I saw among my fren still not in good condition. Hope Toyota call back all the Camry hybrid to repair it tq

  2. Hanif Khan says:

    Thank you so much for the information. I have a 2010 Prius which is doing well but was told that the battery might need replacement and was thinking of trading it in. But these prices are absurd. I should maintain my car. Even if I changed the battery it would still be to my advantage. Thanks again.

  3. Kueh says:

    Problem with Toyota hybrid batteries is that they don’t last 8 years. My prius c of 2013 got hybrid battery faulty just after 5 years & being denied claim by Toyota saying I didn’t continue to service at their workshop after the 1st 3 years. But at time of purchase they didn’t say do & even during my 3 years of servicing, they didn’t say about the requirement. Seemed like they changed the policy in 2015 after many faulty complaints. So, how to save in long run if Toyota can change policy as they like when comes to claims of warranty & that’s why the resell values of Toyota hybrids dropped.

    • Julie says:

      Hi Kueh. Can I ask if you managed to get it changed under warranty since they claimed that you did not service your car in their authorised service centre? I have the exact same case as you. My battery died yesterday and my car is also built 2013. Today Toyota denied my claim but they are asking me to call Toyota HQ on Monday to argue.

    • J says:

      can i know if the hybrid battery died… will the car still start & run on petrol like normal? or is it totally out?

      • AVEN says:

        Can’t drive because engineer will stop the car on and off….but you can try do drive shoe distance as 10-20km with lower speed 30-40.

  4. noni says:

    I have a 2012 prius c and got the hybrid battery replacement this year, since it is still under warranty, i dont have to pay for the battery. But yes, i do perform peridoically maintenance service at toyota.

  5. Shan says:

    When is this idiotic Toyota Malaysia going to assemble Prius C in Malaysia. BTW I am very happy with my Prius 1.8.

  6. Bs chong says:

    Hi, I need to replacr my Prius c hybrid battery.
    Pls quote with full TNC.

    Hybrid batt price
    Any warranty
    Dispose of my current oLD batt
    An others handling charges

    • jessie wong says:

      We have just been told by UMW Toyota Motor ( Subang Jaya ) that a new battery replacement has 8 years warranty FROM THE DATE OF VEHICLE REGISTRATION. Our prius is about 7yrs and if we change a new battery the warranty period will be only 1 year. That’s totally unacceptable to us for a new battery that cost RM7,000 plus. UMW Toyota has given us an official letter on this. If that is true Toyota Prius is not a green car anymore. We are asking for a reconfirmation on this and waiting for their reply now. So far, we have been loving our Prius 1.8

  7. yun shiang says:

    Please update here once you receive reconfirmation from UMW Toyota. Yes, you are right it is totally unacceptable to pay 7k+ for a new battery with only 1 year warranty left.

    • Jessie says:

      Yes it has confirmed that new battery warranty is only 1 year. It cost more than RM7k. This maintenance of this green car is so high just for the battery alone.

      • Jessie says:

        Toyota UMW is forcing the Toyota hybrid owners out. By charging this price with this warranty UMW Toyota is telling us not to come back to them after warranty over. They are shying away from their responsibility. There is a new place call the hybridlab to fix the battery charging RM6k for 24months warrranty or 40,000km whichever comes first. This is still very expensive to us but we have no choice if we want to use the car. There is also risk of reliability knowing the hybrid lab has only been setup for a year. Hybridlab didn’t reply directly to us if they are giving us a new battery or reconditioned one.

        To me, Toyota is a big name and should be more responsible than this. We are thinking to write to Toyota Japan. We will not benefit from it even if Japan respond positively bcoz we need to fix it now n use the car but at least a chance to other Toyota hybrid owners. I advise all owners to get an official quotation from UMW Toyota with all terms and conditions stipulated on warranties of the new battery. Please ask them to put in writing that It is a new battery being replaced.

  8. Lee says:

    Camry hybrid trade in offer 103k & market selling 113k, seem like very fair deal. Used car dealer need some margin to survive as well.

  9. Jackael says:

    I was being told by Toyota service centre, that either prius or prius c, the brake pump is used to be the issue and the most expensive part which is nearly RM14000 besides the hybrid battery. Any comments on this matter, in term of the brake pump really used to be problem and the replacement cost really that high?!

    • Bob says:

      I did have a check with the parts center of UMW Toyota and was told for the brake pump inclusive of the ABS parts (come in a whole set) its approx RM7.3k excluding labor. You may want to call the Toyota SC that your service your prius or prius c to confirm on the price.

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