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Toyota And Lexus Hybrid Battery Replacement Costs

Yes, we have the replacement hybrid battery prices for the most common Toyota and Lexus hybrids on sale in Malaysia. It is not as expensive as you thought it was and it comes with an 8-year warranty which gives owners a peace of mind. Here are the prices which have been confirmed by UMW Toyota Malaysia and its sibling Lexus Malaysia.

  1. Toyota Prius battery replacement price is just RM6,680.00
  2. Lexus CT200 battery replacement price is just also RM6,680.00 (since its shares its technology with the Prius.
  3. Toyota Priuc C…the coampct Prius, battery replacement price is just RM6,010.00.
  4. Toyota Camry Hybrid battery replacement price is just RM8,700.00.

All the above battery replacements come with an 8-year manufacturers warranty and for now only the Toyota Prius owners might need a battery replacement and the rest should still be in their warranty period.

The Lexus CT200 hybrid sells with used car dealers for between RM62,000 to RM75,000 for a 2013 model and owners have mentioned a low RM55,000 offer price by dealers citing ‘high’ battery replacement costs to push sellers to let go their hybrids at a low price.

A 2013 Toyota Prius 1.8L gets only about RM38,000 from used car dealers and the compact 2013 Prius C 1.5L an even more disappointing price of just RM24,000. The 2015 Camry hybrid is just 3-year old and there is still 4-5 years left on its battery warranty so used car dealers offer about RM103,000 which is about RM10k less than their final selling price. Now that you have this information make sure you are getting a fair price for your used Toyota hybrid.

Please note that it is wise to check with car clubs on Facebook as they share information, parts costs and more and this helps to bring down running and maintenance costs.

Also, today there are new after market dealers offering decent prices for parts and also hybrid maintenance as they might have been trained in Japan or might be former UMW Toyota or Lexus maintenance staff who have branded out on their own.

Check these facebook pages and ask for advice and info and many will happily share with you. Remember, thousands of these hybrid have been sold and owners are quite happy.

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