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We Ask What Is The Purpose Of MAI, The Automotive Institute

Why is MAI, an automotive institute looking into areas not related to the automotive industry?


We spoke recently to some senior automotive industry people and they shared their views of Malaysian Automotive Institute (MAI) with us. It seems that this government agency MAI has been left unchecked for years and this has allowed MAI to become a ‘business’ more than a government agency looking after the needs of the Malaysian automotive industry. We ask the questions and present some shared facts.

  • The Malaysian Automotive Institute (MAI) is a so called ‘Think Tank’ for the automotive industry. To date most Malaysian car brands are ‘FORCED’ to work with them at their Cyberjaya headquarters. The added cost to ‘WORK’ with them adds cost to every new car sold.
  • MAI also has training programs that car parts vendors are ‘FORCED’ to pay and participate which adds to their cost and this is transferred to the car manufacturers.
  • MAI has their own TV station, video team, large staff strength and a large beautiful office in Cyberjaya.
  • MAI staff regularly are taken to visit overseas car factories, Motor Shows, automotive trade shows and this is all paid by who?
  • MAI is the gate keeper of the much needed ‘Energy Efficient Vehicle’ (EEV) status that Malaysian car manufacturers need to get for lower tax payments to allow them to price their EEV cars lower.
  • MAI does NOT have the relevant testing facility and staff to evaluate vehicle fuel ratings and their emissions so how do they hand out their EEV status?
  • MAI should be run like MIDA who for the last 30 years have had a council to monitor the activities of MIDA staff. MIDA promotes business and they do it really well. MAI on the other hand leads a charge with no check and balance. So we ask for a financial and movement audit.
  • MAI ‘forces’ car manufactures who have been accorded the much wanted and needed EEV status to participate in a profit making yearly Motor Show. Motor Show’s should be run by private companies and not a government agency like MAI.
  • MITI (Ministry of International Trade & Industry) should be monitoring MAI as it is a government agency and not a private company.
  • MAI has still NOT brought forward the new National Automotive Policy and so many car manufacturers in Malaysia are in the dark about their future. Especially brands with large factories and have invested heavily.
  • MAI’s neglect of the Malaysian car industry is Thailand’s gain as we get news that Audi will now consider Thailand for local assembly as there is NO new automotive policy to guide their huge assembly investment. Thailand’s gain brings more jobs and investment for their people. Malaysia’s loss yet again.
  • MAI instead of working towards a new National Automotive Policy put up two….yes ‘2’ Motor Shows in the last 10 months.

More importantly …… the ‘Energy Efficient Vehicle’ or EEV status which many car brands are enjoying should now work directly with the International Trade and Industry (MITI) secretary-general and his capable team and not via its ‘car show’ agency, the Malaysian Automotive Institute (MAI) which was incorporated on the 16th of April 2010, to function as an independent non-profit organization under the custodian of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

It seems only the luxury cars brands with deep pockets are able to enjoy this plug-in hybrid EEV status and so the average Malaysian car buyer can only watch while driving their simple, yet effective petrol driven compact car.

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