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MaxxOil Speaks out on Product Accusations, Infringement

Rumours have been circulating across various Media and Social Media platforms recently regarding claims of the “MaxxOil” brand’s trademark infringement, which are absolutely baseless.

The Media reported on Monday that the High Court has ordered the trademark “MaxxOil” by Shift Holdings Sdn Bhd (the first “Defendant”) to be destroyed, effective October 1. According to their report, The Court made the order after Maxcare Success Sdn Bhd (the “Plaintiff”) claimed that it owned the trademark “Maxoil”.

“We find the Media reports very misleading, as the Court did not mention any wrongful doings by the Defendant,” said Shift Holdings Sdn Bhd’s Board of Directors.

The Court had in fact, partly delivered its decision that the Plaintiff failed to prove their claims for infringement of trademark and passing off against the Defendant.

The Court also dismissed the Plaintiff’s claim that the registration and trademark of the defendant is unlawful.

The Plaintiff in this case failed to prove the existence of a violation of the trademark registration of the defendant, as the Court found it to be a valid prima facie.

The reports stating that the Defendant is required to pay special damages, general, legal costs and five percent interest per annum and other reliefs required by the court are also baseless. We wish to inform that there is no issue at this stage on damages and cost.

“We wish to notify all our customers and partners that our business is not affected by this incident and operation is as usual. MaxxOil products are still available for sale in the Malaysian market.

Further to that, we wish to clarify that all “MaxxOil” products are genuine and not inferior products, and can be trusted to provide high quality service.”

The company seeks to clarify the situation, following malicious rumours being spread on social media that MaxxOil products are inferior goods.

“We wish to highlight that we have maintained a dedication to produce the highest quality products possible. We request that all parties stop spreading fake news regarding our products immediately.” said the company.

MaxxOil products are globally recognized and hold the prestigious American Petroleum Institute (API) certification of quality, with performance being proven again and again, both on the racetrack and by daily car users.

“Because we value our customers, we work hard to provide the excellent service and products they deserve. We have thousands of authorized dealer workshops across Malaysia who are selling MaxxOil products, and customers are welcome to visit them any time,” said Shift Holdings Sdn Bhd.

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