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Published on October 25th, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Tips on storing your classic car….not outside on the grass please

If you love your classic car and have spent good money restoring it then please do not park it under a tree or on grass along a main road. Please park it indoors out of the rain and also sunlight to protect it from the sun’s UV rays.

Use a good quality car cover at least if you have no choice. Make sure the cover is form-fitting, soft and breathable, so it won’t flap against the paint and damage it or trap moisture underneath. The cover will keep dust from settling on your vehicle, will keep children from playing on it and animals from scratching it. The price of a high quality cover is money well spent.

If the vehicle is parked outside like this beautiful old Mercedes-Benz then follows these tips please.

  • Seal off the the air-conditioning intake duct with a piece of plastic to keep leaves out.
  • If the vehicle is parked on the grass/ground, put a plastic sheet under it to keep ground moisture from rising up into it.
  • Remove the wiper blades and place them on the dashboard.
  • If the vehicle is in the sunlight, cover the seats and dash with old bed sheet/blanket.
  • Place sunshades or some cut out cardboards in the windows to block the sunlight.
  • Protect the tires from direct sunlight. Rubber is sensitive to ultraviolet light and prolonged exposure to UV light will cause tires to crack and split and cause premature tire failure.
  • Thoroughly clean the vehicle and have it detailed, if possible. Be sure to wash the undercarriage and fender wells, removing all traces of mud and road contamination.
  • When washing, exercise care if using a high power pressure sprayer on the undercarriage and frame. Water pressure from the spray-gun can force soap and water through lubrication seals. These seals are designed to hold lubricant and are not able to withstand high pressure spray.

Have a great classic car ownership experience.

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