Published on November 3rd, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Child Seats vs Parents Stupidity

The title above might sound harsh but I can say this simply because I am a parent with two teenage boys and when they were born, despite our tight budget and financial constraints we never took their safety in the car lightly like some parents do. A child seat for many Malaysian parents seems to be more of a ‘do I really need one?’ instead of being a ‘necessity for child safety’.

Many Malaysian parents, especially the middle and lower middle class would rather spend the money for a child seat on the following,

  1. Car styling accessories.
  2. New smart phone with 4 cameras to take endless selfies.
  3. Original football jerseys.
  4. Expensive and wasteful hotel buffet meals.
  5. Expensive strollers as this is better to show when cruising the mall.
  6. A pair of running shoes that is used for walking and never running due to many buffet dinners.

So, to make life a little easier for these somewhat irresponsible parents who we hope will wake up after reading this article that you have shared with them, we share some rather well priced baby car seats (from just RM112.00) and also booster seats (from just RM69.90) for young kids from various online stores.

Whether you are looking for a convertible baby seat, or a front or rear-facing car seat, we have got suggestions right here which you cannot ignore as the prices are really reasonable and much better from 18 years ago when we were shopping for a seat for our oldest child.

Also………online stores such as 11 Street and Lazada have simplified the process and so you can do it all from home with free delivery.

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