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Here are some Equipment Options on the Upcoming BMW 3-Series

BMW’s 7th generation 3-Series should be in Malaysian showrooms in 2019. We’re sure it’s going to be a hit, but we’re not sure what variants and what equipment will come. So here’s a compilation of what equipment is available. Note that the sportier stuff isn’t likely to come early on or at all (M340i, seems really unlikely), but we’ve included it here just to give you a taste of what the G20 can look like.


The top left box shows the M Sport kit. On its right hand side is the Sport line. These are most likely to be top spec and entry spec looks for the next 3-Series in Malaysia. 

The bottom left shows BMW’s M Performance parts kit. Next to it’s the M340i xDrive.

You’ll note the M Performance grille’s black finish and the extraordinary pattern on the M340i’s grille.


As above, so below. Clockwise from top left: M Sport, Sport line, M340i xDrive, M Performance


Here we see some 18” and 19” rim options on the top.


There seems to be 2 options here, LEDs (top) and Laserlights (bottom).


The M Sport steering wheels on the left differ slightly. The basic steering on the top right is the only one that lacks a leather wrapped hornpad, but this could be just the effect of the photograph.


Interior inlays, just like the G30 come in at least 2 ‘metallic’ finishes. One’s a lighter brushed look, while the other one features a heavier, darker, texture.

Here’s the difference in the side sills of the M Sport and M340i.

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