Published on March 2nd, 2019 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


9 new businesses that will benefit from the Malaysian Flying Car Program

The recent announcement on the local flying car program will create more new jobs and new ventures. The mostly likely candidate for a partnership will be ‘Terrafugia’ which was founded by graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2006 and later acquired by Volvo’s parent company, Chinese car manufacturer Geely, in 2017. The Massachusetts-based company announced in July that it was on track to begin production of the Transition flying car in 2019 and this could be the project partner for the Malaysian flying car project.

Here are possible 9 new business ventures we suggest you look at.

  1. We will need to equip each flying car with parachutes.
  2. Compass equipment……as smart phone reception in high altitude is not so good.
  3. Landing gears…which each flying car will need.
  4. Lightweight seats for each flying car to reduce weight.
  5. Radio equipment for each flying car pilot to be able to communicate with air traffic control.
  6. On board radar system for each flying car to ‘see’ who else is flying under cloud cover.
  7. Aluminum manufacturing as we will need more lightweight material for wings.
  8. Flying tuition centers for drivers to upgrade to a flying certificate.
  9. New Insurance programs to insure flying cars and their passengers.


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