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Which car window tint did we choose for our EVO 4

Car tinting has become a hot topic as of late, with the rules recently becoming quite a little less stringent. But as we’ve pointed out before, not all tints are made equal. You may find a good deal online and may even think it looks good coming out, but there are many factors you need to consider.

Not too dark at the rear to allow us good night vision and good covered car park vision out

How Long Should It Last?

Nowadays, you can buy yourself off-the-shelf tinting films from shops like MR DIY or even online. These cheaper films are seriously unsuited for long term use and can fade or even bubble within years or months of application. A good quality tint job should easily last you 8-10 years with minimal fading. That’s longer than the average person keeps their car.

Darkness vs Effectiveness

Some inexpensive tints can look ‘blacked out’ without having any effect on UV transmission. It’s like buying cheap sunglasses from a supermarket that look the part but offer no real protection from the sun. You’ll be surprised to learn that there are much lighter tint films that offer more effective protection against harmful UV rays. These are perfectly legal and won’t give you any problems with the JPJ while actually working as intended.

Protection Of Interior

Without a doubt a healthy looking interior can keep a car’s value elevated above the competition. There are tints out there capable of blocking nearly 100% of damaging UV rays. Using such tints will keep your car’s interior from fading under the sun.

Safer & More Comfortable To Drive

Tints that block solar glare are also theoretically makes cars safer to drive. There’s a lower chance of being blinded.

What’s more, the less heat that comes in through the windows, the cooler your car after being parked outdoors.

Security & Safety

Films actually don’t strengthen the integrity of the glass. But a high-quality tint can keep windows from shattering into dangerous little shards.

Having good tint also serves as a deterrent, making the contents of the car less visible to thief’s.

Picking the right shade is important
Quality window tint will have the documentation to prove its quality
Light transmission even before installing my new window tint
Professional installation

A good tint is worth the price

You should always be wary about accessory shops that charge really cheap. Make sure you check online and take into consideration the average installation costs and remember, quality products do not come cheap.

That being said, the cost of a proper tint can be completely justified if it does its job well. They’re an investment that keeps your car protected, safer, and much better to drive. Look for a trusted brand like Konica Minolta for high tech, high quality tint film. Their current tint, ICE-μ uses multi-nano layer dielectric reflective film that gives the best blend of transparency and heat rejection.

Konica Minolta has been in the business of developing optical technologies for over a hundred years. They’ve developed ‘wavelength control technology’, which does not interfere with electronic signals, yet works better at rejecting heat and UV rays than many generic and even branded tint films.

Like Konica Minolta, there are a few other brands in the market that comes with full product certification and a warranty that is transferable (which means, when you sell you car the next owner enjoys the warranty) allowing your investment to speak for itself. 

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