Published on August 15th, 2019 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Graco baby seat saves the baby in this accident

This is why we keeping pushing parents to use a baby seat for the toddlers and babies.

Three days ago this unfortunate accident happened and the parents of this 4 month old baby had him strapped in his Graco baby seat and after this incident he was perfectly fine without a scratch on him.

Now, if he was lying on his mothers lap the situation would have been very very very different.

Child Car Seats, Often Forgotten, Later Regretted!

Not many Malaysian parents take car seats as an important safety feature for their child’s safety. In many cars you can see children under the age of 12 years sitting in a car without a child seat or a booster seat. Well most do not even have their seatbelt on.

Even worse, many parents will not even have a baby seat for their toddler and instead have the toddler on their lap without even the mandatory seatbelt on. There seems to be a total disregard for the need to keep their children safe in a car.

Many of these parents can be seen driving around with their kids on their lap, just sitting on the car seat without a seatbelt and even worse, standing on the front or rear seat without a seatbelt. In an emergency braking situation, the child will be thrown forward or worse thrown out of the vehicle and regret is all that can be felt after the tragedy.

Many parents who ignore the above when asked why they will not invest in a car seat/booster seat for their children will say that the car/booster seats cost a lot of money and they cannot afford it.

The same parents can be seen driving cars with aftermarket alloy wheels, lowered suspension, high-end aftermarket stereo systems installed and fancy body-kits installed on their cars. So, the child seat money is better spent on the looks and dazzle for their car.   

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