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Say Goodbye to the Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II

The Rolls Royce Ghost has been a relatively popular ultra-luxury sedan from the British marque. It helped usher in sales for the brand, as its full-sized Phantom VII was too large and expensive for most millionaires. In fact, it was the Ghost that helped Rolls-Royce find a younger market. It successfully brought the average age of a Rolls-Royce customer down to 43.

The Ghost rode on a shared platform with the previous 7-Series and has been around since 2009. It got a major update in 2014, giving it the ‘Series II’ moniker. But now its time is at an end and a Series III model will be announced soon.

Rolls-Royce Zenith Ghost

To send this version of the Ghost off, Rolls-Royce are creating a final batch of 50 units labelled the ‘Zenith Collector’s Edition’. They’re claiming these will be the most unique and bespoke variants of the Ghost Series II ever produced.

Rolls-Royce Zenith Ghost

This isn’t even the first time Rolls Royce are using the ‘Zenith’ name to send off a model. The Phantom VII we mentioned earlier too got sent off in a similar fashion back in 2016.

What’s special about the Ghost’s Zenith Collection is that it draws inspiration from the 200EX concept that helped introduce the idea of a smaller Rolls Royce to the public back in 2009.

Rolls-Royce Zenith Ghost

Well, I say inspiration. What I mean is that they melted down the 200EX’s bonnet ornament and put a little piece of it in the centre console of each of these 50 cars. These little pieces of metal come engraved with the Ghost’s design lines and some details.

Rolls Royce will also give each of these 50 cars a piece of a blueprint inspired artwork.

It’s all fancy stuff that most of us won’t be able to appreciate, but essentially each customer will get a unique piece of the puzzle.

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