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Your used and recon car needs a good warranty…or else?

Malaysians are buying more reconditioned cars than ever before! Where is the warranty?

It’s no secret that new cars are expensive in Malaysia. Premium makes from Europe tend to have it the worst, with prices that rival landed property. Which is why the used and reconditioned/grey market for these cars is quite a viable alternative. But truthfully speaking, buying used or reconditioned is always a gamble.

Cars are made up of tens of thousands of components and no matter how new or shiny the car appears, any one of them could be faulty.  

A 5-year-old Mercedes-Benz or Audi can incur surprise repairs in the 5-digit realm. But even mainstream brands that have been brought into the grey market can be problem cars. Reconditioned Hondas, Toyotas and Nissans, they’re all equally liable to having hidden problems. Some may have skipped oil changes, missed out on recalls, or even abused by past owners.

It’s also not uncommon for used cars to be sold with their odometers rolled back. There are even cars that are refurbished and resold here after being declared ‘totalled’ by insurance companies in their country of origin. 

Say it’s your own current car being sold used. It may be well maintained, but can YOU even predict what repairs are around the corner after the car reaches a certain age?

The real problem is this, cars in the used market are a gamble and the guy trying to sell you the thing isn’t on your side. And the moment you sign the dotted line, you’re getting not just the car, but all of its hidden problems most likely for as long as your loan period. It could be driving fine one month, and the next, you’ve got a check engine light on and a huge repair bill on your hand. So, why get into a whole bag of trouble if you can protect yourself easily?

But it’s less of a gamble if you can get experts on your side to really check the car out for you.

That’s where MyOpal comes in. They provide a ‘Prime Inspection’ service that covers a detailed engine and transmission diagnosis to show you what the REAL condition of the car is.

Even the little things like tyre and battery status will be checked by their personnel. And since every car manufacturer has their own little way of doing things, this service will run through what specific maintenance items need to be addressed and how much these might cost you over a period of time.

Sure, it’s a service you need to pay for, but if you’re going into a used or recond car dealership, know that those guys are not on your side. It’s better to pay a trusted professional to come along with you and protect you from fraud or poor deals.

And if you’re still looking to protect yourself further, they even have used car warranty programmes that cover all kinds of repairs. That way you don’t have to live with the constant worry of forking out your next salary on some surprise repair bill.

MyOpal offers three (3) packages under their ‘PRIME WARRANTY’ program which are transparent and competitive in terms of pricing, coverage and it is very detailed in its delivery of issues.

MyOpal has a great track record as a licensed and established insurance agency. They have been administering warranty claims under established insurance companies in Malaysia, so they’ll know how to spot these problems, hence extending your peace of mind.

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